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Bong health team assures citizens

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As Covid-19 ravages Liberia, the administrator of the Bong County Health Team Jonah Tokpah says the health team is fully prepared to maintain the county’s zero status of the virus.
Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, Bong County is yet to record a single confirmed case of the killer disease.

Appearing as guest on Radio Gbarnga Tuesday, 19 May, Mr. Tokpah assured residents that the county’s health team under his watch is doing everything humanly possible to prevent any outbreak of the virus in the county.Mr. Tokpah encourages citizens to harbor no form of panic as health workers across the county are in control of the situation with the support of the government.

He also clarifies that the County Health Team is yet to receive Covid-19 funding from central government, contrary to public perception regarding the alleged pouring in of money to the team.At the same time, Mr. Tokpah hails the existing cordiality between the health team and authorities of the county.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tokpah is calling on citizens of the county to continue to adhere to instituted health protocols in order to keep the county safe from the virus, as he received lots of commendations from many unusual radio talk show participants.

”For me I can say that Mr. Tokpah is the best County Health Team Administrator Liberia has ever had because the way he is making things to happen,” Francis Flomo says when he phoned in to the program.

He continues that since Mr. Tokpah’s appointment as County Health Team Administrator, he has been very instrumental in making sure that new things are happening, such as timely arrival of ambulances at health facilities and cordiality among workers of the team, among others.

Mary Jukpon says she remains grateful to the youngest County Health Team Administrator, adding: “I can still remember the last time when I was pregnant. At that time he was working at C.B. Dumbar Hospital, I became stranded to the extent that I had no money to buy food that day, but out of surprise, Mr. Tokpah gave me twenty United States Dollars to find food.
By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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