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Burning Hazardous Waste??

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What is being burnt near this lab facility located  at ELWA junction? Who is burning what?Could they be burning hazardous waste in a residential neighborhood? If so, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials must do something – perhaps not something drastic until our people are informed and educated about safe ways to dispose of hazardous waste.

Before EPA, and other organizations can begin taking actions to inform, educate and put in place measures to protect our environment, permit me to caution you against burning hazardous waste: If you burn hazardous waste, you risk producing poisonous fumes/ smoke contributing to air pollution or causing an explosion.

Controlled burning in special hazardous waste incinerators by trained professionals can be a good disposal method. Open burning by an untrained homeowner is not. Some hazardous materials may not burn away completely and become concentrated in the ash.

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