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Rural News

Bush Cows Rampage Rivercess

Reports from Bargblohn Town, Zarflahn District in Rivercess County, say bush cows have gone amok, destroying hundreds of farms and scaring residents.

Residences of the area have been in-door both day and night for about a month now.

According to our correspondent, the wild life animals’ surfaced in the area surprisingly, threatening lives and damaging rice and other crops planted during this year’s farming season.

Jerry Karpenneh told our correspondent that for the past weeks, the bush cows destroyed nearly all of the farms in Bargblohn Town.

“The rampaging cows have sent us backward in our farming season this term. We have no option, but to abandon these farms, because any attempts, one may get killed in the process as we are kept in-door day and night,” Karpenneh dejectedly narrated the situation.

He said as a result of the situation, citizens of Bargblohn Town and surrounding villages within the Zarflahn District are living in the state of fear.

Karpenneh continued: “My brother, we are having sleepless nights for almost a month now. We are trying to alerting the Forest Development Authority or FDA to come in, because these are wild life animals.”

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The destruction by another group of bush animals followed the elephant story in which rampaging elephants in Rivercess County early this year at which time one person was reported dead and properties worth thousands of dollars belonging to a logging company operating in the area were destroyed.

Though, the elephants were gunned down later, the damaged could not be repaired immediately or easily as residents in the area continued to live in fear.

By Obediah Swen, Rivercess County

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