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Conference Center ETU staff strike

Personnel of the Conference Center ETU at Hotel Africa in Virginia, outside Monrovia are on a strike action. They are demanding their three mouth-risk benefits from the Government of Liberia.

According to Tina Harmon- a staff of the unit and Hygienist, the government is yet to pay them for the past three months. 

Ms. Harmon said the government has given death benefits to the families of colleagues of their who died from the deadly Ebola Virus, but refused to paid.  She noted that the government had promised to pay to them the amount of five hundred USD ($500), but later reduced the amount to three hundred USD ($300), adding that the government made them to sign a contract when they had already worked without reading what was stipulated in the contract.

Meanwhile,  the government is expected to meet with staff of the Hotel Africa ETU in Virginia  today, Monday.

She said other actions would follow if the government fails to live up to its commitment to pay them their three mouth-benefits, amounting to nine hundred USD ($900) each.

 “What are we going to show to our families and loved ones after working and risking our Lives for others,” she said.

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