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Cummings: CPP still a legal and viable force for 2023 elections

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) remains a viable force ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections, Alternative National Congress (ANC) political Leader Alexander Cummings has said.

He said the fragmented opposition bloc still holds the ideas and aspirations for which it was formed and is functioning as the most viable option.

The CPP had been comprised of the ANC, Liberty Party (LP), Unity Party (UP) and the All-Liberian Party (ALP). However, both the UP and ALP have since announced their withdrawal from the collaboration, thereby leaving the ANC and LP as the only know parties within the CPP for now.

Cummins said despite the withdrawal of the UP and ALP, CPP still exists as a legal entity, and will contest as a unified body in the 2023 general and Presidential elections.

The ANC political leader insists that the CPP remains committed to restoring good governance, changing the direction of the country’s management of its vast natural resources for the benefit of all Liberians and not just for a few.

He, therefore, expressed confidence that the Alternative National Congress and the Liberty Party are determined to enlist, and encourage other political parties and well-meaning Liberians to join the CPP vision to change the trajectory of the country.

Cummings said the depths of corruption and acquisitions of illicit wealth by the Weah’s administration, is robbing Liberians of essential basic service including better health care service, quality education and depriving the working class of better living wages.

Speaking on a local radio station Tuesday, June 14, Cummings said corruption, illicit wealth acquisitions and wasteful spending by public officials are the major cause of the economic meltdown, and why the vast majority are suffering, unable to feed their families and sent their children to school.

He made specific reference to wasteful spending in the 2022 national budget, where an estimated U$7.5 million was allocated for Agriculture, while U$10 million was allotted for President Weah’s personal security.

“The Senate President Pro-Tempore earns a monthly salary of US$21,000, even more than his counterpart in the United States, points to the massive abuse and exploitation of public resources in the Weah’s government,” Cummings said.

He said while there are seemingly, other external factors, but said rampant corruption, added to the ineffectiveness of the Weah administration and the pattern of appointing incompetent and unqualified Liberians into government, are largely responsible for the worsening economic conditions and international distrust.

The ANC Political Leader said when elected President, he vowed to form an inclusive government based only on hard work, competency, and qualifications and will prioritize the economic interest of Liberians, promote private sector development as tools for job creation as well as increase the spending power of the working class by providing them better-living wages.

He said Liberia is too rich with vast natural resources for Liberians to be languishing in poverty and listed among the poorest of the world poor, due to gross mismanagement, ineptitude and outright stealing by public officials.


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