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Cummings gets LP endorsement for CPP ticket

Amidst internal bickering and looming legal battles, the Liberty Party (LP) on Saturday, December 18, 2021, endorsed the candidacy of Mr. Alexander B, Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) ahead of the pending CPP convention.

The CPP, Collaborating Political Parties comprises four opposition parties: LP, ANC, Unity Party (UP), and the All Liberian Party (ALP). The CPP is scheduled to go to a convention to select its standard-bearer to face incumbent George Weah ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections.

The slot for the CPP ticket is being contested between former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai and former Coca-Cola Executive Cummings.

At its special convention held in Ganta, Nimba County on Saturday, amidst a strong division within the Liberty Party, delegates at the convention selected Mr. Cummings as its choice ahead of the CPP convention.

Following the endorsement, embattled LP chairman, Musa Bility told journalists during a break session at the convention that Cummings was selected through a thorough vetting process by delegates both in attendance and via zoom. According to him, Cummings was selected overwhelmingly by LP partisans ahead of former Vice President Boakai.

Bility also told journalists that the decision to choose Cummings ahead of UP’s Boakai followed an earlier vote by delegates to formalize the LP’s decision not to field any presidential candidate in 2023.

“The delegates voted overwhelmingly and took the decision not to present any presidential election in 2023. That being said, the party unanimously endorsed Mr. Alexander Cummings as its choice for the primary and subsequently for the election in 2023. The Liberty Party will stand by this decision and will vigorously campaign for Mr. Cummings moving forward”, Bility added.

It is not clear how the decision taken in Ganta will affect the LP going forward as there has been request from lawyers representing a faction of the Liberty Party urging the National Election Commission (NEC) to nullify all actions taken by the current leadership.

It could be recalled that the Bility leadership recently suspended the party’s political leader and other key founding members of the party for non-payment of dues. In a countered action, the political leader Senator Nyonblee Karnga- Lawrence also suspended Bility and nullified the convention which brought him to power. Her decision was overruled by NEC before the convention.

However, Bility further told journalists that the endorsement of ANC Cummings represents the mandate of the vast majority of the people who have spoken at the special national convention- the highest decision-making body of the party.

The Resolution

WHEREAS, the Liberty Party (LP) is an engaged participant in the political process that defines and strengthens our national democracy; and

“WHEREAS, the LP and its members are committed to advancing an agenda focused on promoting the general welfare of all Liberians, reforming the Government to make it work for the people, reconciling the people, promoting sustainable peace, providing quality and available educational opportunity for all, lifting the disadvantaged, rebuilding the middle class, strengthening the rule of law improving the economy, and fostering democratic principles of governance; and

“WHEREAS, the 2023 presidential and general elections is a choice between a candidate who shares the LP’s vision for Liberia and candidates who do not; and

“WHEREAS, the LP assessment of contesting candidates has put in sharp contrast the difference among the candidates contesting for the presidency; and

“WHEREAS, the LP has a long and proud history of being proponents of reforming to establish justice, reconciling to ensure domestic peace, and investing in the Liberian people and promoting general welfare by rebuilding to recover; and

“WHEREAS, in the opinion of LP, Alexander B. Cummings is the only candidate contesting the presidency who understands that economic growth depends upon economic fairness, private sector development, and eliminating corruption, and who has articulated an agenda focused on rebuilding and expanding the middle class, and strengthening in public policy towards this agenda; and

“WHEREAS, Alexander B. Cummings has agreed to the LP endorsement requirements in writing”.

After giving the basis of the decision, the party then said it,

“RESOLVED, that the LP commits to working to help ensure that Alexander B. Cummings is elected president of Liberia.

“RESOLVED, that the NEC is authorized to take necessary actions in order to formalize and execute the Special National Convention’s decision to endorse Alexander B. Cummings;

“RESOLVED, that the NEC is authorized to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding for signing by LP and the endorsed candidate political party, based on the agreements and understanding of the SNC deliberations and endorsement.

“RESOLVED, that the NEC is authorized to announce this endorsement decision via a joint Press Statement given at a joint Press Conference led by the Political Leader or National Chairman and    National Executive Committee of LP and that of the endorsed candidate’s political party during which the Memorandum of Understanding will be signed publicly.

“RESOLVED, that the announcement shall highlight the decision-making process, the results of the vote, and include the reasons why LP endorsed the aspirant, particularly as regards to policy stances aligned with LP’s, and quotes from delegates and endorsed candidate

“RESOLVED, that the joint Press Statement and Conference shall include the announcement of a joint campaign team between LP and the selected candidate’s political party. By Othello B. Garblah


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