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Deportee Back in Rice Deal

Commerce Minister Maitta Beysolow, has said that the Chief Executive Officer of the K& K Corporation, Chuckle Kardoe, a onetime major rice importer here was found guilty by a Liberian court for “economic sabotage” but has again received the green-light from Government to do the same business.

Beysolow, who seems to be in discomfort with such situation, reflected that when she took over at the Ministry in 2009; she saw a communication from the Ministry of State signed by Minister Edward McClain, instructing authorities of Commerce to issue business permit to K&K Corporation to import rice here.

She stated further that McClain informed the Ministry that his office has received a letter of “pardon” from the Manager of K&K, begging the government to forgive him and the company.  It can be recalled that the K&K Corporation’s CEO, Chuckles Kardoe was banned from importation of rice and deported home (Lebanon).

But it is not yet cleared whether or not, McCain’s letter was based on the directive of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to permit a man, who was deported to return and engage in the same business for which he was sentenced to court and found guilty.

K&K Corporation created artificial rice shortage on the Liberian Market that nearly caused a demonstration here. The Justice Ministry then headed by Frances Johnson Morris, took K & K to court but after some delays, the company was rendered guilty.

Beysolow, who tried to convince journalists here said for a deportee under Liberian law to return and engage in the same business without the consent of the court was appalling. She said government asked many people to engage in the importation business, especially of the country’s stable food (rice).

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