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Domestic Violence in Liberia

In Liberia, domestic violence has become a serious night mare for innumerable women and children who are like living in hell in their various homes. Domestic violence in Liberia has varied causes. This is the reason why we are going to be finding out in this edition of NOISE IN THE MARKET, the various forms of domestic violence in Liberia.

Amos is a friend of mines; as usual I have comet to his residence this Saturday morning to spend time. Seating on the looloo board with Amos, he called one of his kids to bring water for us to drink. The kid was tactless to drop the glass of water and burst it. Amos wife came running from the house and hit the kid (teenage girl) with the cook spoon on the face.

“Are you stupid? Do you know how much this glass caused me? Look at her foolish like her mother. You, let the stranger leave, I will kill you here today.” The lady said. “Please Madam, she did not mean it. Please forgive her, it was a mistake.” I told my friend’s wife. But her reaction to my statement was systematic and rough. “I did not ask you sir. This is a family matter”, she reacted;

Very astonished, I apologized to my friend’s wife. “I am very sorry Madam. I was only trying to explain to you what happened. Keep your explanation sir. Y’all don’t like to mind your own business”, She replied. “Ether, but what is your problem? Don’t you know you are talking to my friend?” Amos reacted. “I am sorry sir.” Amos’ wife said to me.

“That is ok Amos, you know when women angry they can say anything. Don’t make trouble with your wife for that. She said it out of anger. She didn’t mean to offend me. Come on Amos, ok let’s walk out for a while and we will come back later to end our game.” I said to my friend.

“I hope you are not trying to escape from your beating because I was about to beat just now when this woman came with her attitude. Any way let’s go stroll and come back later so I can give you your defeat. Promise me first that you will not tell me later that we should end this party tomorrow.” Amos said. “I promise Amos. You are very far from beating me and you are making so much noise.” I replied.

Strolling on the main road, trying to satisfy my curiosity, I asked Amos to tell me if he had a problem with his wife. “What kind of question is that my man? You know very well if I had problem with that woman, the moment you entered there she would have told you to intervene.” He answered.

“Then tell me, what have I done to her abruptly, for her to be so aggressive with me? You saw her reaction when I tried to explain to her that the little child did not mean to break the glass. If you are not in confusion with her and I have not done anything, then why is she reacting in that manner?” I asked my friend.

Amos put his hand on my shoulder, proposed that we sit in a near by drinking spot and have a chat a bit. “Look my man; I have been hiding this thing from you because of shame. Now that you have been victimized I have to tell you the true. You see Annie (the little child); she is my daughter but she is not the daughter of Ether. My brother, I am finding it difficult, very difficult to make my wife love this girl the same way she loves her own children, but it is not working. Sometimes I get frustrated but I have been keeping it as secret.” Amos said.

I put my right hand on his left shoulder to calm him down because he had started to get nervous. “It is ok my man. I understand what you are going through. It is always a very difficult situation to be in such a mess. If you want an advice from me, I am sorry to say that I cannot help you. I know thousands of thousands of families that have similar problem but none of them has been to date, able to find a solution.” I said.


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