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Editorial: Another blank check

Editorial: 2021 was very challenging pandemically and economically. The novel coronavirus globally took away many lives and affected economies and businesses, Liberia being no exception.  But thank God for another great opportunity of 365 or 366 days, or 52 weeks or 12 calendar months, though COVID-19 is still here with its latest strain, known as Omicron, stifling human movement and devastating trade.

However, as a country, collectively a people and individual human beings, we have another blank check before us for our lives in the New Year and what we choose to write on this check will determine who we hope to become tomorrow in life.

The truth of the matter is everyone else in the world has this same New Year, which is another 12 months before them but what might be different are opportunities available to exploit. This does not, however, mean we should not dare to do something to change situations around us or to become somebody better in life.

Whether we are in business, in government, or in private life, we must set goals for our lives and endeavor to achieve those goals to improve conditions of life or to live the standard of life we imagine for ourselves and the country we belong to.

As Liberians, we should be reminded that Liberia will never improve unless we sincerely strive by working hard to improve our individual lives, as citizens. This is important if we must join the rest of the world is moving forward.

Politicians and governments, particularly in Africa would not take us there because they are self-centered, deceitful, greedy and want all for themselves. If we are looking up to them and wait on them, our lives will never change. All we will keep getting are promises and more promises that they do not sincerely desire to fulfill.

If we are in business, we should endeavor to improve services and quality of products for the market. Better services and products would not only attract more customers and increase sales but lead to growth in profit.

We at the New Dawn promise to improve on quality journalism this year by reporting stories that are accurate, balanced and concise, without compromising ethical standards. We believe the Year 2022 provides a great opportunity to improve where we went wrong or where we failed to meet the expectations of our loyal readers and advertisers last year.

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In other words, we vow to make quality use of the blank check that the New Year provides to write the dreams that will scare us and expand our horizon in taking Liberian journalism to higher levels.

This is a 50-50 chance for all of us but with different opportunities. We must strive to make use of what is before us and forget about who is eating with a silver spoon or is dining in a palace. Least we should forget, just as our conditions globally are not the same, so our opportunities will be different. What matters most, is seizing the opportunities around us and making the most out of them to succeed.

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The New Dawn is Liberia’s Truly Independent Newspaper Published by Searchlight Communications Inc. Established on November 16, 2009, with its first hard copy publication on January 22, 2010. The office is located on UN Drive in Monrovia Liberia. The New Dawn is bilingual (both English & French).
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