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Editorial: Avoiding A Repetition of the Mary Broh Affair

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At long-last, Acting Monrovia City Mayor Mary T. Broh is back in the streets of the city in continuation of her ruthless engagements with street vendors/peddlers and passers-by in her attempt to clean the city, as well as enforce city ordinances.

Mayor Broh’s return follows the revocation of the ‘declaration of a vote of no confidence in her by the Liberian Senate after she defiantly rejected its request to appear about three weeks ago. That Honorable Body had initially extended the invitation for Broh’s appearance after a formal complaint of assault against her by a female staff in the office of Senator John Ballout of Maryland County.

The Mayor’s return also follows her appearance before the Honorable Senators last Tuesday at which time she read her June 19, 2012 letter earlier rejected by them. In that communication, Mary Broh extended an apology for her defiant action, expressing the hope that such wouldn’t be repeated.

Broh, in a passionate mood and appeal this time, emphasized the need for cordiality in the relationship between her and the Senate. While we wholeheartedly commend the Liberian senate and Acting Mayor Broh for resolving the matter (whether in Plenary or Executive session), our leaders must allow respect and diplomacy to always interplay, especially in such unfortunate situation that ensued between the two.

Even though it may have been an ‘oversight’ on the part of the Senators to give relevance to a presidential appointee they rejected for confirmation by officially inviting her, Mayor Broh equally undermined the integrity  of the  very government of which they all run by  exhibiting gross disrespect to the Honorable men and women.

Though ‘separate, but coordinate’ as enshrined in the Liberian Constitution, the Legislature and Executive must always harness the highest degree of cordiality, of course disagreeing to agree in the most respectful manner, in conducting the affairs of state.

While we detest the audacity exhibited at times by some officials of government, including Mayor Mary Broh to disrespect the Legislators and others because of their relationships/contacts with the President of Liberia, those in the “seats of elders” (the Legislature) must also exercise restraints, using their constitutional powers and sometimes avoid making ‘negative references’ to other public officials.

Rivalry of this kind only projects negative public relations for the government, resulting into confidence crisis.

With the assurance of cooperation and cordial working relations to the Liberian senate by Acting Monrovia City mayor Mary Broh during her appearance on Tuesday, July 11, 2012, we hope not for a repeat of such affair any member of the Legislature and Executive Branches of the Liberian Government.

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