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Education to be revised

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George Werner NDLiberia’s newly appointed Minister of Education, George K. Werner, has reiterated his committed to uplift the nation’s education sector by revising it from mess to best.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had described the education system here as a mess under the administration of former Minister Etmonia David Tarpeh, a which criticism which generated much public debate with some parents blaming education authorities of doing nothing to improve the system.

However, speaking Wednesday, June 3, 2015 when he formally took office at the Ministry of Education on 3rd Street, Sinkor in Monrovia, Minister Werner said in his entire life time the Liberian education system has been under serious attack with no proper measure in place to improve the system for the children of Liberia.

The new education boss formerly during the official turning over ceremony of the new appointed official of the ministry the incoming Minister, and former Director General of the Civil Service Agency or CSA George K. Werner says in his life the educational system has been under serious attack with no proper measure in place to improved the system for young people.

Mr. Werner highlighted three pillars that he considering to improved the education system in the country, he said pillar one which is poverty, he said poverty in the country is one of the cause to Liberia to have a mess education system, because not many people have the finical ability to take their children to renowned schools in the country.

He heighted pillar two as thief, saying” when students textbooks does not reaches the various schools is an clear indication that someone is stealing from the government something which also causes the education system to be a mess, he said, because when the government and its partners try to identify with students by providing them textbooks them you people calling them officials in their county stealing is a thief it also contribute to the mess we have today”.
According to him pillar three is the conflict, he said the Liberian civil war did not bring any good to this country but total destruction in every sector of the country, he explain that the civil war destroy human lives, destroy schools facilities something which he said imposes serious challenge to the educational system in Liberia.

The newly MOE Boss noted that all of these things are now in the past but it is time that officials, and staffs of the ministry join hands and work in collaboration to improved the system from mess as it was referred to by the president to the best for the betterment of the people.

Mr. Werner told officials, and staffs of the ministry that if the education system in will leave from mess to best, there is a need for transitioning the sector, he said the lack of continuity will not help us as a team,” saying we need great commitment to the job to open doors for more investment to come into the country and support the educational sector”.

According to him in transitioning the education system, there is a need also to set the agenda for transformation of the educational sector, and to know the kind of teaches we have in our various schools, because you can have teachers who are high school graduate to teach high school students, or someone who calls themselves teachers and cannot read that is the kind of mess we want to change in this country “he said.

He said another way to clean up the mess is to provide more incentive for authorities at the ministry with both CEO, and DEO receiving what is good to keep them up, he said you can have CEO for entire county making less than 500 it leads to having mess, because they will not do the kind of job you want them to do. By Lewis S. Teh

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