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Ehn We Say We Are Butt? – Part 2

Yes, we are butt. You think we’re joking? Believe us; we are butt. We are the butt of Femaletobutt in the country called Buttoland. Da small thing? Look, you like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

Eh mahn, we are butt. We hate for people to overlook us or to underestimate our ability to send men crazy. We are the butt of Femaletobutt. We na small people. Da na fi-yah jumpin’ from our mou’h.

We are butt – real butt. Look at us. Don’t you see our shapes? Just look at us. Look at us bouncing like ghan-ga balls. Just look let us rock in front of you for about one minute. Look! Look! Can you see the doo-ku-ma and woh-lor-woh-lor movements of our butt? Ehn we say we are butt?

We are butt. Da us in this jeans on this page. Do you know how many men have swallowed spit because of us? The first thing, when men see us, they instantly imagine how they would treat us or what they would do to us, if we landed in their hands. Stupid men! They are but lovers. That’s why we fix ourselves the way we do, and we rock in front of them day and night. We are butt.

Why do you think married men, including men who consider themselves “men of God,” commit adultery, and unmarried men commit fornication? It is because of us; we are butt. We send men crazy. We confuse men.

Why do you think some men make going to hotels and motels their hobby? Da us butt. We stupefy men. We make men forget that they are men; they become babies in front of us? Haven’t you understood that we are butt?

As butt, we have a lot of characteristics. For example, we are a kind of passport or ticket that makes us get to places or enjoy certain benefits. Da small thing?

We are butt. We can cause men to pay the school fees of our owners easily. We can get men to rent a room or a house just like that. We are butt. We can get men to buy scratch cards for our owners every week and, if possible, everyday. Don’t you know that we are butt? Haven’t you heard that we can easily get men to buy cars for our owners? We only need to rock crazily in front of them one time or a few times.

Stupid men! We will confuse them like nobody’s business in this crazy world. We confuse young men; we confuse older men. So, so butt lovers. Men will die in our hands in this world. Ehn dey say dey like butt business. We will do it to them. Stupid creatures!

Last Sunday, we put ourselves in a special kind of panty and lay on Bernard’s Beach. We were lying flat on the beach and looking at the sky. Two other men who were passing to go toward the Catholic Hospital end of the beach saw us shaking romantically and sexily and in a kind of we-are-here-for-men manner. Guess what?

The two grown men stopped and sat near us, pretending to be interested in something different, when it was us butt that they were interested in. We ourselves realizing that they are part of the stupid creatures called men, we shook ourselves more romantically, as if we were trying to drive away some annoying flies. They swallowed spit and cleared their throats. You think da small thing to be butt, especially the butt of Femaletobutt County? We are butt.

We confuse men. We make them go crazy. We eat it like kanyan. Why do you think some journalists forget to write their own news stories when they see us? Why do recorders drop from them when we pass in front of them and shake ourselves a little? You think butt business da small thing?

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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