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EJS secures US$45m for African healthcare system 

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Former Liberian President Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says she has worked with the Africa Frontline First Initiative in securing an initial amount of US$45 million.

Making a special remark at a one-week Community Health Workers symposium in Monrovia, Mrs. Sirleaf said the money is meant to close the approximately US$4 billion financing gap that the Africa Continent Community Health workers are faced with.  

She added that the project seeks to support, train and improve community healthcare across the continent. 

Madam Sirleaf stated that she works with the Africa First Frontline to secure the US$45 for the support of the Community health workers initiative.

Front roll (l-r) Dr. Jallah, VP Taylor, former Pres. Sirleaf and Min. of State Wesseh

She stated that the amount seeks to close the more than US$4 billion financing gap Community health faces on the continent.

“One effort, I am particularly confident that the Africa Frontline First Initiative in a collaborative effort to close the more than US$4 billion financing gap Community Heath faces on the continent,” she said. 

Through a unique partnership, she said the government, African Union, Africa Center for Disease Control, donors, and experts, Africa Frontline First will support, and train countries in Africa to build high-functioning systems that are old and led by countries.

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The former Liberian president stated that the project seeks to train and deploy two hundred thousand Community health workers. 

“I have been able to work also with those to be able to mobilize the first US$45 million for the cabinet fund for the Africa First Fund,” she said. 

Former President Sirleaf urged the participants at the symposium to build breaches across Ministries, agencies, and the political spectrum and together build the health and workforce in Africa.

Liberia is for the first time hosting the International Community Health Workers symposium in Monrovia with over seven hundred delegates from 46 countries represented. 

The symposium is celebrated under the theme: Advancing Community Heath Workers programs to build resilient and equitable health systems that accelerate primary health care for universal health coverage.” 

The program aims to foster cross-country learning, exchange, and action through engagement with country delegations.

It also intends to showcase the country’s experience with integrating, adapting, scaling, and optimizing Community Health Workers (CHW) and Community-based and led outreach programs for high-quality, equitable community-based PHC.

Madam Sirleaf pointed out that investing in professional community health workers makes the population healthier, more productive, and even wealthier.

She expanded that investing in community health workers makes communities saver, and resilient, but most especially gives women who are the bead rock of the healthcare system the right for recognition. 

She explained that when health workers are provided with the right tools, support, and compensation, they help turn the path against infectious diseases, poverty, and many other viruses. 

At the same time, she encouraged each of the participants to re-write Africa’s history so that the symposium becomes a reflection point in their collective journey toward health for all.

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