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EPA stresses proper resource utilization

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The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has outlined several measures underway to ensure the proper usage of the country’s natural resources.  The EPA highlighted the importance of using the country’s natural resources in the way that will benefit every citizen.

Speaking on June 4, 2014, at the EPA Annex, the Nation Focal Point and Program Coordinator of the National Biodiversity on Biological Convention at the Environmental Protection Agency, Jonathan W. Davis, said biodiversity is the resources for life, “because it provides essential things to the country, including food, wood, clothes and others that can be used as furniture.”

According to him, it is important that the natural resources of Liberia are used for the betterment of her citizens.  Mr. Davis told reporters that Liberia is developing a target problem and the sector institution needs to work seriously to respond to those target problems.

He narrated that targets include those things that seem very difficult for government to implement, “because the main objective and goals are for national government to put in place the necessary measure for which the target has not been monitored. It’s time that the Government of Liberia through the EPA act quickly to implement some of those things that are affecting the citizens in the environmental sector across the fifteen counties,” he added.

He explained that the Ministry of Agriculture is being invited to deal with some of the agricultural problems here. “What are their policies? How are they implementing their policies for the betterment of this country?

Liberia is a party to the national convention on biodiversity and it is an obligation to develop national strategic policy for the convention, because Liberia is only taking ownership of her own natural resources which will provide each invited institution to discuss its own strategic action plan for the government developmental agenda.”

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