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Ex-Nigerian president hails Liberians for peaceful polls

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh

Former Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has hailed Liberians for conducting themselves peacefully during the 14 November 2023 presidential run-off election here on Tuesday.

Mr. Jonathan who is in charge of the West African Elders Forum (WAEF) mission to Liberia, has also urged Liberians to sustain the commitment to their country.

Speaking to journalists as part of his assessment tour on the Liberian election, Mr. Jonathan said there was a peaceful turnout which he said is the best way to go.

He commended the people of Liberia for fostering peace throughout the election, noting that it demonstrates their quest for a better Liberia. 

Liberians voted in a presidential run-off on Tuesday between incumbent President George Manneh Weah and his archrival Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

The run-off election was held because none of the 20 presidential candidates in the October 2023 polls obtained the 50 percent plus one vote required to be declared a winner.

Following the conduct of polls in the run-off, Mr. Jonathan expressed satisfaction over the peaceful atmosphere, describing it as peaceful and the right way to go.

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“I think it’s going on well and I am happy with the peaceful environment. Of all the polling stations I have visited, [it] has been quite peaceful,” the former Nigerian President said.

Mr. Jonathan expressed hope that at the end of the election, Liberians will remain happy.

He further urged Liberians, especially the young people, to show commitment and patriotism to their country, while encouraging them to duly maintain the peace which fosters a beautiful nation and the pillar of democracy.

He indicated that maintaining peace in Liberia is the only way to go in making Liberia a better nation.

Meanwhile, counting is ongoing after voting in the run-off between Mr. Weah of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Amb. Boakai of the opposition Unity Party (UP).

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  1. If there one has suspicious evidence of “cheating” let us know while counting is in process. Whether it is true or not some will still cry foul play or make noise. We will accept the actuality of the count of NEC..

  2. We see the interest international observers have in the peaceful existence of this runoff. However, statements made by the United States of America, have prompted their usual intent to facilitate Liberia’s candidate of choice. For example, hash words like “tolerate”. U.S. Envoy giving warning ahead of results that might cause public uncertainty about a popular election. Not one based on electors. Is it because of the economic status of America’s most amongst nations that contribute financial benefits to Liberia? Right now, we are talking about the ballot box and not finance. Another word like rig. If the diplomat refused to make Liberia, black interest, a priority by not going to Liberia when the corruption situation was at stick for billions Liberian dollars currencies and preferred listening to the Russia-Ukranian crisis at that time the Liberian people really needed (sent a fiasco proxy), what makes Liberia not to think that the motive of the U.S. is to favor a candidate in their interest? The right to vote and not to vote is Liberia’s democratic option and should not be abused or purchased. Another observance is when Nigerian observation invites a canvass to conference, when we do not think the Nigerian Head, in the name of ECOWAS, sent them for that purpose other than to observe the election. Liberia’s Republic now in a transformation will not again accept. in the process to restore its democracy, infused premature passes in the midst of a runoff. Regardless of the actions taken as to who becomes President, it is Liberia that controls its destiny. Let us ignore them and their comments and wait patiently for the results to embrace the decision from the actual count of NEC.

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