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Indeed, the Revelations(Hot Pepper Liberia, January 4, 2016) are, in fact, Liberia’s “hot pepper”; for, they are reminiscent of the Honorable Tom Woewiyu’s Open Letter (of revelations- confessions) to Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, dated August 30, 2005 (http://www.theliberiadialogue.org).In our response, dated August 22, 2005, to Honorable Woewiyu’s open letter of confessions/revelations, we noted that “These revelations are spine-chilling political intrigues -of meetings, planning, conspiracy, deception, double-cross, money, graft & grred, assassinations, murders, et cetera, et cetera, that read like page from Reflections of A Political Assassin by a CIA, MI5, or KGB international spy operative”.

Tom Woewiyu confessed in telling the story of “Political Infidelityof the nature, scope and intensity” of the political activities by somehigh-profiled Liberiansthat brought un-imaginable destruction, human suffering and death to and upon the cities, towns and villages throughout the Liberian nation and its people,a proud, once happy and united people.These activities culminated in a deadly, political playwith Liberia’s celebrated, Political Notables as the major cast ofcharacters,according to Mr. Woewiyu, such as:

“The Honorable Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, former Minister of Finance, then candidate for President, now President of Liberia; Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, Political Scientist, Professor and former Interim President of Liberia, now Chairman of the Governance Commission; the late General Thomas Quiwonkpa, AFL Commanding General & Member, PRC; the late Honorable G. Moses Duopu, Advisor, PRC; Honorable Harry Greaves, Jr., former Advisor to Interim Chairman NTGL& later, MD, LPRC; Honorable B.Commany Wesseh, former Member of NTLA, Ambassador, Minister of State without Portfolio & now, Senator, River Gee County”. 

Others “are Honorable Emmanuel Shaw, Businessman; Mr. Harry Yuan, former Managing Director, Liberian Electricity Corporation; Messrs. Randolph & Ethelbert Cooper, Businessmen; Cllrs. Chris Maxwell (late),Clarance L. Simpson, Jr., and Gbelia; Drs. S. Byron Tar (now an outcast for his opposing views), Gaywea McIntosh, former Planning & Foreign Minister, now Liberian Ambassador to ECOWAS; Edward Clinton and H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr, now National Security Advisor to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf; Honorables Taylor E. Major; D.Tuan Wleh Mayson, former Ambassador of Liberia to Nigeria, now businessman/politician; and others too many to name.

Now comes the HotpepperReport/Revelations, based upon the indictment by International Criminal Court(ICC) against Mr. Blaise Compaore, former Head of State of Burkiina Faso and NPFL’s Special Forces (all Liberians) led by the former Field Marshal, Prince Y. Johnson (now senator for Nimba County) for the alleged assassination/murder of Captain Thomas Sankara, then Military Head of State of Burkina Faso. This report/revelations, hopefully,will provide answers to some of the critical questions lingering in the minds ofmany Liberians about the civil war.

Reportedly, Mr. Compaore is hiding out in La Cote d’Ivoire, the neighboring sister Republicthat aided & abetted the NPFL by making available the City of Abidjan and environs for planning/organization and staging point from which the insurgent NPFL invaded our Country, military-style, brought the nation and people to their knees and face-to-face with total collapse. His Excellency Ouattara, current President of La Cote d’Ivoire, played a major role in “aiding and abetting”the NPFL.

Today, our government is “political bedfellow of Allasan Ouattara& La Cote d’Ivoire, apparently, in payment for “aiding & abetting” the NPFL in the near destruction of our country; for, our present government is dominated by rebel “honorables”.

That Mr. Blaise Compaore will seek and, in fact, sought and found refuge in La Cote d’Ivoire, we are not surprised; in that, many Ivorian citizens believe that Mr. Ouattara is not Ivorian citizen, but a citizen of Burkina Faso; and also that Mr. Compaore is running for his life for doing the same thing that the Ivorians and His ExcellencyOuattara did – aiding & abetting Liberian rebels who destabilized a sister country, Liberia,only that Mr. Compaore& company murdered the Late Captain Thomas Sankara.

There is a great lesson for African heads of state; these shenanigans have a way, during these days, of catching up. For, our government is now headed by Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, reported/alleged to be one of the leaders/financiers of the NPFL who sought and obtained assistance from Mr. Compaore and now, chummy, chummy with His Excellency, AllasanOuattara.

The Hotpepper Revelations take us back to the beginning of it all – the civil war and the very important events about which we, the Liberian people, knew nothing; for example,who and what was behind the release of Mr. Charles Taylor from the maximum security prison where he was being held for extradition to Liberia for trial on charges for stealing state funds as GSA Managing Director?The report/revelations say thatit wasMrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s argument that “Taylor would not get a fair trial in Liberia” (the same argument being used now, today, against Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Liberian government) and her friendship/influence with the powerful Massachusetts Senator, Edward Ted Kennedy, got Taylor out of jail.

Who picked Taylor up for travel to Liberia to launch the war?It was “The late, Mr. Tom Kamara, the late Dr. Brisbane and Miss Ann Payne who presented to Mr. Taylor already-procured travel documents and drove him to the Mexico border for Liberia, even in a “yellow, beetle Volkswagen”.

That Mr. Taylor landed in jail in Ghana upon arrival from the US prison, because President Jerry Rawlins wanted no part of the Taylors, Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleafsand her bunch of the “progressives” of the ACDL, who now dominate her government, is already known. But now, the murder of Head of State Thomas Sankara was the result of his (Sankara’s) refusal to permit the Liberian plotters (Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf& company) to use Burkina Faso as staging ground,according to the revelations corroborate the Honorable Tom Woewiyu’s confessions.

Mr. Editor and Mr. & Mrs. Liberia, brace yourselves in your seats, for, perhaps, much more startling, shocking revelations. The Honorable Tom Woewiyu, former defense minister, NO. 2 powerful person of the NPFL, former member of Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s ACDL and now under indictment by the US for Perjury is likely to “sing” (pull ropes to pull bush) for his skin.

It can be recalled that Honorable Tom Woewiyu was arrested, now on bail, for Perjury by the US government. Mr. Woewiyu, while in detention, appealed to the Liberian Ambassador in Washington that “if the government of Liberia (Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf) allow the US to put him (Woewiyu) on trial he will pull rope to pull bush”. In other words, to avoid this scenario, the Ambassador should/must obtain instructions from the Liberian government (Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf) for “diplomatic shenanigans” to quash the indictment quietly against him (Woewiyu).

So, we are in for more revelations, possible indictments, high-profile trials and imprisonments. 


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