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Former Inprofile Daily Publisher decries education standard Presidential aspirant Carlton Boah has decried widespread disparity in the Liberia society and the astronomical rate of illiterate Liberians that should attain quality education and bolster the

Presidential aspirant Carlton Boah has decried widespread disparity in the Liberia society and the astronomical rate of illiterate Liberians that should attain quality education and bolster the ailing economy through their achievements.

Aspirant Boah, also a former Liberian Journalist and statesman said besides the social and economic disparity, which is affecting the growth and development of the nation, there is also an increase in the illiterate population due to the Ministry of Education’s policy towards the sector.

“There is no exact number on Liberia’s illiteracy rate; some say 85%, others say 75%, but whatever the number, it can safely be said that Liberia has more illiterate people than literate people; that is if we are judging only by classroom or western styled education,” said Boah.

The 2017 Presidential candidate made the salient remarks when he delivered a speech at the thanksgiving ceremony of the Star Baptist School System In Jacob Town, Paynesville City On Saturday, July 30, 2016, on the topic “Education Is A Life Enhancement Tool.”

Evidently, the former pen-pusher cum politician stressed: “the action or process of educating or being educated; the knowledge and development resulting from an educational process is the field of study that deals mainly with methods of teaching and learning in schools:

“Mind you, your education that you have earned for which we are here today to honor you can be appreciated, frown upon or downrightly looked down upon depending on the circumstances or environment in which you find yourselves,” Boah told graduates.

He told the graduates that people learn to make their lives better because the global environment requires that individuals keep abreast of things, noting that it is impossible to achieve without knowing how to read and write – that is the basic fundamental step if one needs to circulate and excel in the new global village.
“So, my friends, your crowning achievement today is to make your lives better, to understand your environment, read and understand how to ably navigate the meandering roads of life and at some point in your lifetime, make living a bit better for your society, your community, your neighborhood and your family,” Boah said amidst applause.

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Boah stressed “I salute the young minds that have been fully enhanced to enter the University of Life. For their efforts, their endurance, their willingness to stay the course and make it this far, I think they deserve a standing ovation and a round of applause from all of us – ladies and gentlemen please stand as we give these young people their flowers.”

“College may be where many, if not all parents would like to see their children go, but let me admonish you, young minds, that indeed, college education is a great tool to have, but it is not the only answer or tool that should be in your toolkit for life enhancement,” Boah furthered He said the Ministry of Education (MOE) seems to have no handle on activities of schools around the country because they have lost the moral, ethical, financial and instructional compass of leadership as it relates to supervision of schools in the nation “From county to county, town to town, village to village, there are so many mushroom schools that the Ministry of Education does not really know the actual number of schools in Liberia today,” he told the elated graduates.

The outstanding aspirant noted: “So what then do we do as parents, students and stake holders? My resounding answer without reservation is Vocational, Technical Education. He rationalized that every citizen may not choose the traditional classroom for education and that everyone might not complete foundation, primary or secondary education, but said some people are gifted well vocationally Based on the aforementioned, he indicated that some people are highly technical, while others excel in literary matters, noting that with the vast difference, he proposed that the next government should prioritize vocational technical education as a core part of the nation’s educational curriculum from 6th – 12th grade in both public and private schools across the country.

“Vocational Education, when included in the nation’s curriculum, will further enhance our development agenda and make room for more technically trained technicians, tradesmen and women who will be the crust or foundation, if we are to experience any meaningful growth in this nation,” Boah hinted Following the deliberation, the 2017 aspirant on behalf of the Friends of Carlton Boah, otherwise known as “CB17” said the group will underwrite the first year’s tuition for the dux of the class. 

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