From Lawmaker to Education Officer

Former Bong County Representative Samuel Bondo has been appointed as the new Education Officer of the County.

Mr. Bondo, who served in the 52nd Legislature, holds a Master’s Degree in Education. Bono officially replaces long-time Education Officer Kolligboe G. S. Kapu.

The former Bong County Lawmaker, who told our Bong County correspondent last Thursday that he was happy to serve his county and government in another capacity, promised to work with stakeholders to improve the county educational system, adding that he intends initially to hold an education stakeholders’ conference to discuss some of the challenges facing the system.

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The new Bong County Education Officer expressed the belief that improvement in the sector can only be realized through joint efforts.

CEO Samuel Bondo also promised not to be an office CEO, but in the field to inspect public schools as a way of ensuring that teachers are in the classrooms.

He called on his kinsmen to do away with politics and focus on education, assuring that he had not come to the post as a politician, but an educator, cautining that the main focus of everyone in the county should be how he or she can contribute to the improvement of the discouraging educational system.

When asked whether he has an intention to contest the 2017 election, especially using his position to galvanize support, Bondo refused to rule out the possibility to contest, but maintained that he will “cross that bridge” as the time approaches.

“When you are eating, you cannot open your mouth when the spoon has not reached at certain distance,” the former Lawmaker asserted.

Bondo sought re-election in 2011, but was defeated by current Representative Edward Karfiah, who was almost an office staff to him as he donated several items on behalf of the former Lawmaker.-Edited by George Barpeen

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