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Grand Gedeans reject Alex Grant’s nomination

Since President Boakai nominated Mr. Alex C. Grant as Superintendent of Grand Gedeh County, demonstrations have continued in Zwedru and Monrovia against his preferment.

Monrovia, April 8, 2024: The Traditional Council of Grand Gedeh County has written President Joseph Nyumah Boakai opposing Mr. Alex C. Grant’s nomination as superintendent because it will not help to unite the county.

In expressing their opposition, the Council suggested that Mr. Grant’s nomination as Superintendent would negatively affect the county’s development.

Through a communication dated 4 April 2024, the Traditional Council of Grand Gedeh County residing in Grand Gedeh County petitioned President Boakai to reconsider Mr. Grant’s nomination as Superintendent.

To demonstrate that their decision is free from sentiments and politics against the former district representative, the Council said their children provided documentary evidence to support their concern and request. 

According to them, the evidence they cite is all public record, requiring no extensive research to discover.

They accused the nominee of bringing disgrace and shame to their Country when it was discovered that he allegedly lied about his university degree, for which he was allegedly expelled from the University of Liberia and Cuttington University.

They also alleged that the nominee was accused of attempted murder by his Chief of Office Staff, Aaron Togba, a young Grand Gedean.

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The Council disclosed that Mr. Togba alleged that his boss wanted him dead because he had sensitive information about him that he was afraid he would make public. 

“Individuals brutalized the young man he alleged were hired by the Nominee,” the communication stated.

When the late Representative Erol Madison Gwion’s vehicle was attacked in July 2022, the communication said the nominee was accused of masterminding the violence. 

Since the death of the late Rep. Gwion, the Council maintained, the nominee hasn’t identified with the bereaved family and the county. 

They also hold Mr. Grant accountable for his alleged refusal to visit the family on the mat and his failure to attend the State funeral held at the Capitol.

“When Grand Gedeh County’s Election Senior staff member Alfred Dunner went missing in May 2022, the Nominee was accused,” the communication continued.

The Council revealed that the nominee’s contribution to addressing the mysterious disappearance was to say that a spirit took Mr. Dunner. 

In addition to the allegation earlier stated, the Council disclosed that the nominee’s leadership of the County’s Legislative Caucus when he was in the Legislature was characterized by confusion and disunity.

The Council detailed that Grant’s leadership negatively impacted the County’s development agenda and affected the citizens. 

“Those challenges prevented the successful holding of the County’s annual development meetings, which are presided over by the Legislative Caucus under the leadership of the Caucus Chairman and during which development funds are allocated, and reports are made on how money should be spent,” the letter said.

The people of Grand Gedeh County accused Mr. Grant of lacking the goodwill of the majority of the County’s population.

According to them, his track record leads them to conclude that he does not have the moral authority to lead. 

“The ongoing protests in the County and Monrovia are organic and represent the sentiments of the majority of the people of the County,” the communication said. 

The Grand Gedeans are convinced that eventually appointing him will threaten the country’s peace and harmony. 

Meanwhile, the Grand Gedeans have called on all citizens to stand in unity and requested that the president’s government withdraw or not appoint Mr. Grant as Superintendent. 

“We don’t want him today, tomorrow, and even forever to serve in any public position,” they noted.

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