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Holland based Liberians donate medical supplies

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaResidents of Goyah Town and Kingsville in Todee District, Monsterrado County were in joy when a truck loaded with medical equipment entered their areas to supply clinics there over the weekend.

The truck carried hospital beds, mattresses, laboratory equipment, surgical equipment, microscopes, medications and other supplies for the people of Todee District. 

The jubilant residents sang a  famous gospel song, ‘My God has done it again’ characterized by dancing and spreading of lappas for the donor delegation walk on, which in the Liberian setting, is an expression of gratitude, overwhelming welcome and total satisfaction. 

The head for the Liberians in Holland said the donation was obtained through the support of Liberians in that country, the Dutch government and the European Union. Madam Belloh Williams’s alias Comfort, said Liberians in Holland decided to assist their government and fellow citizens back home in combating the deadly Ebola Virus Disease.

Following appeal by her organization, Madam Williams said Liberians in Holland and Liberians In Action-Holland group, and the Dutch people mobilized their little resources to identify with Liberians as the country recovers from the Ebola Virus.

According to her, the organization loaded two footed containers with medical supplies for distribution in community clinics and hospitals.

“We on that side of the world talk to our friends, the government for these supplies, and as God could have it they responded positively. Today, we can safely say our donations are yours and we hope that it is well taken care of,” she told the residents of Todee District.

Madam Williams, who is president for the two groups, indicated that one of the major worries of the groups is the maintenance of the supplies, noting that Liberians in many cases reneged in taking charge of things.

She however, promised to return to the country in April this year to ensure that the donated items are properly maintained and kept safe.

Madam Williams, who is fluent in the Dutch Language, disclosed that she was warned not to come to Liberia because of the Ebola Virus. “But this is my country and our people are in dire need of these supplies. I’m willing to be quarantined if so desired by the government and community dwellers,” she said. 

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Goyah Town Community Clinic, Madam Nessie Ngumbu said since the construction of the eleven bedrooms clinic in 2011, the Liberian government has failed to identify with the people so the clinic has been fully supported thru personal resources over the years.

She said that the clinic currently has about six trained nurses, a midwife, and caters to 30 patients a day prior to the outbreak of the Ebola Virus.

Also speaking on behalf of the workers and people of Kingsville Community, Kaytor Kowor, head of the clinic, said, since the clinic was constructed in the early 90s, the only supplies received from government came in 1997.

She expressed thanks and appreciation for the supplies especially, the modern medical beds and laboratory equipment, and added that the donation will ease the daily workload and enable more patients to be served timely.

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