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IUPL Announces Dist. Meetings In Nimba

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The Independent Union for Progressive Leadership (IUPL), the breakaway faction of the National Union for Democratic Progress or NUDP of Senator Prince Johnson has announced its timetable to conduct series of meetings in the nine electoral districts of Nimba.

In a statement issued Friday, the party said beginning July 6, it plans to hold its first meeting in Sanniquellie, Mah District. The Sanniquellie Mah meeting will be followed by the Gbala Geh District on July 8, next to Gbala Geh is Buu-Yao District on July 10. Other districts and their schedules are: Zoe Geh, July 12, Saclepea Mah, July 14, Tappita July 16, Yardin Mehnsonnoh July 18, Bain Garr etc, July 20.

An official of the new movement told this paper that the series of meetings are intended for consultations with members as to which party to support in the 2011 general and presidential elections. Members of this new political grouping recently announced their departure from the NUDP with the formation of the IUPL following months of internal bickering within the NUDP.

This was after the former deputy leader Senator Abel Massaley, party Chair Emmanuel Lomax, Secretary General Dave Wah Hne among others officially resigned their posts.

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