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Judges demand job preference

Trial judges here are seeking preference from judicial authorities for their elevation whenever there exists a vacancy within the Judiciary.

Traffic Court Judge Jomah Jallah pleading on behalf of the Trial Judges Association here this week said judges and magistrates have the experience and training it takes to run courts, and therefore they deserve priority for the occupation of vacancy within the judiciary.

“… We have the experience; we have the training alright. So we believe that we should always get first opportunity whenever vacancy exists within the judiciary. We commend the Chief Justice for that,” Judge Jomah said on behalf of the Trial Judges Association.

At the opening of the circuit courts in Montserrado County on Monday, 10 August, the Judge said giving first opportunity to magistrates would demonstrate to them that their only job within the Judiciary is not to remain magistrate forever, but there is room for elevation.

He told judicial authorities and the public that this has been a dream of the Trial Judges Association, saying two magistrates have already benefited, one of them being Judge Roosevelt Willie. “… This has been the dream of the Trial Judges of Liberia,” he said, adding that giving preference to magistrates would give the conviction that they can become circuit court judges.

Already, he says Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor, Sr. is working in line to this call, and two magistrates have been elevated to the level of a circuit court judge, including Judge Roosevelt Willie. “And we see our Chief Justice continue to work in that direction. Of late, magistrate Willie was a benefit,” he said, as he went on naming the next beneficiary. Magistrates and Circuit Courts Judges here are part of the Trial Judges Association.By Winston W. Parley


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