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Kailondo optimistic about Boakai’s regime

A stalwart of the ruling Unity Party, businessman Cllr. George Kailondo, urges Liberians to exercise patience, noting that President Joseph Nyumah Boakai is very competent to move Liberia to a higher level and improve the living standard of the people. 

Cllr. Kailondo underscores that President Boakai is a man of wisdom who will make decisions, but it is a matter of time, so the President should be given time, as he continues with the nomination of people in his government.

George Kailondo is a household name in Liberia, not for anything else but business and entrepreneurship. He is also a very strong supporter of the Unity Party since 2017 to present.

He is a petroleum importer and has worked at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company for many years with a very good knowledge of both the petroleum and maritime sectors.

Besides, Kailondon is a seasoned lawyer with extensive years of experience. He owns a chain of businesses, including hotel, petroleum importation and distribution, law firm, among others, providing employment for more than 100 Liberians.

However, because of his ardent support for the UP particularly during the 2017 election, his property in Congo Town was nearly demolished and he was prevented from developing the area for five years.

Despite being in the private sector for years, Cllr. Kailondon is a competent and qualified Liberian that has expressed interest in entering government to serve his country.

His expertise could be utilized in the petroleum and maritime sectors or any other area that President Boakai may deems necessary, as the President avails qualified Liberians the opportunity to serve the country.

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