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Keep Up The Good Work

Of late, the government of Liberia via the Ministry of Public Works and the international partners have been involved in the construction and subsequent dedication of several Billy Bridges across the country. 

Most, if not many of Liberia’s bridges, became of no use during the country’s civil war either due to poor maintenance or they were intentionally destroyed by fighting forces.The Billy Bridge in Sinje, Gawula District, Grand Cape Mount County is the latest one to be dedicated following its construction.

The bridge, which cost is put at US$85,000.00, was dedicated by the Public Works Ministry and the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Engineering Battalion and constructed in collaboration with the Pakisnstani Contingent of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

Authorities at the Ministry of Public Works said the bridge is amongst 21 Billy Bridges donated to the Liberian Government through the World Bank assistance programs here.For us, we en thusiastically welcome the construction and dedication of several Billy Bridges in the country by the government and partners as it is significant to Liberia’s renewal, following years of devastation.

We commend the Liberian Government through the Ministry Public Works and our partners, including UNMIL and the World Bank for this great initiative which seeks to bring relief to the Liberian people, especially those in the rural areas where bridges had posed serious impediment to their movement.

No doubt,  the construction of these bridges are cardinal because some of them serve as major links in connecting other parts of the country, thereby making movement painless.

However, we encourage the government and partners to continue the good work by reaching other areas where there are damaged bridges in a bid to revive the hopes of those who cannot easily commute from one place to another owing to damaged bridges.

In the same token, we urged the beneficiaries of these bridges to take ownership and safeguard them for longevity. On this note, we again commend the government and partners for the work. Keep up the good work.

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