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LDLD Conducts Awareness Workshop in Gbarma

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The Liberia Decentralization and Local Development or LDLD Programme is expected to begin an awareness training workshop on several development issues at the Beajah Town Hall, Sinjeh District Bomi County in Collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs today.

Awareness would be made on the Gender Equitable Local Development (GLEP), Decentralization and Peacebuilding, Decentralization on Rights Based Approach, Decentralization on Environmental management and Localization of the Millennium Development Goals.

In a concept note prepared ahead of the training, the LDLD said the challenges of Gender Equity, Peacebuilding and Human Rights and Environmental management which form part of the decentralization process in Liberia are well known as some of the main cross-cutting issues of the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Program of PRSP.

The LDLD stated that the objective of the gender mainstreaming, Peacebuilding, Human Rights and Environmental management awareness is to equip government and local government staff, civil society organizations and key community members with the knowledge, attitudes and tools to promote these activities in their work and daily lives.

“This will also enable them apply these knowledge acquired in the day-to-day activities with their community. To understand the concept of values and knowledge,” it added.

The LDLD further stated that gender inequality and women’s marginalisation is deeply rooted, and is “maintained by traditional and religious perceptions that portray women as subordinate and men as superior”.

It noted that the decentralization of Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding (CRPB) policy analysis and dialogue are expected to enhance social cohesion and strengthening tradition mechanism to bring about peaceful co-existence within the community.

“This awareness will help the locals to have basic fundamental principles and enhance their knowledge and support their activities in Peacebuilding within the project and their community,” the LDLD added

It also noted that protecting human rights is the foundation of law. The Human Rights awareness in the Local Development will allow farm owners and community dwellers to explore the range of opportunities available in human rights in the project, Town, home, community through hands-on experiences.

The awareness will serve as entry point for human rights activities for project Management Team, District Development Committee, District Development Committee, project Management Team and project Owners.

“The community will support efforts by the GOL and its partners to consider environmental degradation into development. This will enhance to knowledge of community to promote sustainable development,” it added.

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