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Liberia too old to be poor

- Cummings

Liberia at 176 years, with vast natural resources, is too old to rank amongst the poorest nations, while countries it previously inspired and is older than, are making significant advancements, the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings has said.

He said Liberia is 118 years older than Singapore, 101 years older than Israel, and 110 years older than Ghana, countries, Liberia inspired and assisted to gain independence, yet as we celebrate 176 years, “we are ranked amongst the poorest and most corrupt nations on earth.”

He made the assertions on July 25, in an address to the nation, marking Liberia’s 176th Independence Day celebration, less than three months to general elections slated for October 10.

Cummings noted that, while Liberia’s decline did not begin with President George Weah, “every good thing his administration ever, inherited including corruption has historically been made worse.”

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The CPP Standard Bearer spoke of widespread poverty and suffering, and how many Liberians continue to die from preventable and curable diseases, amidst the rich fertile soil and good weather conditions of Liberia.

“The educational system is a shameful mess, health system a disgrace, justice system a joke. We cannot even trust the government to fairly investigate and impartially interpret our laws,” Cummings said.

Cummings noted that President Weah’s six years of rule has become increasingly lawless, posing serious threats to the country’s democracy, peace, and stability. He emphatically stated that things are worsening, with many Liberians living in great apprehension and fear, without jobs and employable skills.

“Homes are breaking down, families falling apart, children now breadwinners, women, and girls struggling for protection against rape, while drugs and crimes take over the streets and communities,” Cummings said.

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He said Liberia is currently on international economic life-support, with no serious foreign direct investments, due to corruption, wasteful spending, and lack of trust in the leadership of President Weah.

Cummings said the Weah administration has become a gangsters’ paradise and a drug haven, with the country’s passports in the hands of international criminals and drugs barons.

“Our democracy is under threat, lawlessness abounds, and our governance is overtaken by cronyism, incompetence stalking dictatorship,” Cummings said.

The CPP Standard Bearer said “As if this is not dangerous enough, to starve off new ideas and vision, some political leaders are bent on deepening the wounds of the fractured nation by engaging in tribal and religious politics ahead of the October 10 elections.

He cautioned those political leaders to resist tribal and religious politics and instead focus on Liberians strong desire to fix the economy, fix the roads, schools, hospitals and ensure decent-paying jobs that will improve the deplorable living conditions of the suffering masses.

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