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Liberians were duped into electing Boakai

-CDC Chair

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The outgoing ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) continues to lament its defeat in the 14 November 2023 presidential election, claiming that Liberians were duped into electing opposition leader Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

The ruling party CDC chair Mr. Mulbah Morlu addressed scores of supporters over the weekend at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town and said a lot about the incoming president, Amb. Boakai.

Morlu alleged that the President-elect is an incapable elder allegedly surrounded by the most corrupt group of people. 

Morlu claimed that it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Liberian people have just been allegedly duped and misled into electing Amb. Boakai. 

The former ruling Unity Party (UP) leader and former Liberian vice president Amb. Boakai defeated incumbent President George Manneh Weah during the November 2023 presidential run-off.

It was their second time meeting in a presidential run-off.

In the 2017 run-off, Mr. Weah defeated Amb. Boakai as an opposition candidate at the time.

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But Weah’s one term in office witnessed incessant public criticisms of his regime, and some of his officials were placed on U.S. sanctions for corruption.

However, Morlu assured his supporters that the CDC has not lost the right to govern Liberia forever.

“Fellow partisans, our opponent’s unexplained razor-thin victory does not mean that we have lost the right to govern Liberia forever,” said Mr. Morlu.

“Even before their inauguration, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Liberian people have just been duped, deceived, and misled into electing the most incapable elder, surrounded by the most corrupt group of people,” Morlu said.

He informed his supporters that this historical travesty of democracy can be corrected when all of them rise above the fruitless distraction of blaming others for the loss of the elections.

He however urged members of the CDC to instead introspect on what is at stake and quickly come back together as one party, one family, and one gigantic political fortress of redemption.

The CDC chair informed his supporters that the need to regroup can’t be overemphasized as they prepare to battle and defeat what he described as the “deep state conspiracy administrator.”

He alleged that there is a “deep state conspiracy administrator who took advantage of the CDC’s confidence at strategic state institutions to destroy their government from within. 

“These anti-CDC disrupters are a den of thieves craving for more opportunities to hustle. To stop them, we must rise above trivial differences and subordinate personal concerns to the superior interest of the common good,” said Morlu. 

“Again, I say let’s come together quickly to confront the threat unfolding against us all, which is no longer implicit and hypothetical. This threat is very explicit, clear, and present,” he stated. 

Mr. Molu alleged that even state security institutions, the Liberia National Police, are now being exploited, politicized, and weaponized by some notorious supporters of Amb. Boakai.

He alleged that these institutions are being used to malign and falsely indict the CDC in an alleged ‘crash incident’ that occurred at the hands of one of its partisans. 

He described the alleged incident as a clear example of one of the visible threats they must confront and defeat to save Liberia’s democracy in the coming years.

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