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LMA falls in trouble in Bong County

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Citizens of Biala in Bong County are demanding the immediate return of the current parcel of land being used by marketers of the Liberia Marketing Association Bong Chapter to inhabitants of the town or be confronted with court action.

Speaking through their General Town Chief, William Paye, the citizens claimed that the present market space being used by marketers in Biala is owned by inhabitants of the town, emphasizing the urgent need to be either turned-over or a percentage of daily collection from marketers be given to the town.

According to them, if nothing is done timely to amicably resolve the matter, the community would institute a serious court action against the LMA. Mr. Paye also noted that the land is a private property of Biala town, and that the LMA Bong chapter must either turn it over to the town or share with the community what they earn.

At the same time, Mr. Paye has accused Bong County Inspector William Kollie of allegedly jailing individuals who refused to turn over a portion of the land to the LMA.

They also accused County Inspector Kollie of continuously incorrectly informing them about the land issue- something they considered not healthy for the process. County Inspector Kollie has refrained from making comments on the matter.

Meanwhile, former District #2 Representative Candidate James Saybay has called on the citizens not to consider court action as their first priority must rather be a peaceful settlement.

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