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Lonestar Cell MTN awards distributors

Liberia’s leading GSM Company Lone Star Cell MTN has awarded distributors of its products in the country. The company says it is prudent to award people who have worked tirelessly and continue to contribute immensely to its growth by taking various products to customers across the country.

Celebrating 15 years of service in Liberia on Thursday, 14th July at a local hotel in Monrovia, the company honored long-serving employees and loyal customers, who during one decade and half, have demonstrated commitment and hard work in the midst of challenges.

A Lone Star Cell MTN distributor Mr. William B. Seaton remarked at the ceremony, “I am very proud today to be a part of this wonderful program especially to be awarded by this great company; it means a lot to me. I think this company has provided many opportunities for most Liberians in this country than any other company, not just by doing mobile business, but they are also there responding to the needs of our people, the youth through programs, and other initiatives.”

Mr. Seaton said he has been a Lone Star Cell MTN’s products distributor in Montserrado County and its environs for 12 years. “It is something that seems encouraging for me and the company as well”, he added.
He noted that 15 years ago, Liberians were unable to easily and conveniently connect with family members and friends across the country simply because there were no Lone Star Cell MTN towels in the counties, but the company swiftly moved in and constructed towels to meet the communication needs of citizens.

The Deputy Minister for technical Services at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Zotawon Titus assured the company of continued collaboration saying, “We as policymakers, will remain on course by working with you the private sector in creating an enabling environment that will provide the platform where our people can benefit the best of services in this country.”

“I can recalled during the time when our people in various counties never had the opportunity to hold cell phone, or talk with their family, but now we can see the competition that has come forth over the past years; if you check most of the villages in those remote counties, our people now have a phone that they can use to communicate with their family and other relatives”, the Deputy Minister added.

By Lewis S. Teh

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