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Lonestar Cell MTN subscribers receive M3 phones

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Lonestar Cell MTN over the weekend gave away over sixty cell phones to its value subscribers through a mini raffle draw held for those who watched the World Cup final at the GSM Company headquarters in Congo Town, outskirt of Monrovia.

Subscribers who watched the final game of the World Cup between Argentina and Germany at the headquarters of Lonestar Cell were requested to buy US$1 Lonestar Cell MTN scratch card to enter the draw.

During the first half of the match, the first draw was held and after the game, the final draw was held with over 60 subscribers walking away with brand new M3 phones and scratch cards.

One of the lucky winners, James Anderson, praised the Lonestar Cell family for giving him phone for just one United States dollars.

“Lonestar Cell MTN really wanted to give me free phone my brother; what is one dollar card to give me such a wonderful phone,” he said.

Anderson described the gift as one of the best he has ever received since this year and encouraged those who are far from being attached to the Lonestar Cell MTN GSM Company to take advantage of the wonderful offers the company give out to subscribers.

Another winner of the M3 phone, Ivan Borbor, joyfully expressed thanks to the company for the gesture, saying, “thank God I came here to watch the game, and my coming here is not in vein; I’m so happy that I brought money with me because I was surly going to eat this money tomorrow.”

A senior staff of Lonestar Cell MTN, Madam Moima Briggs-Mensah, said the company is always willing to make its subscribers happy. Madam Briggs-Mensah noted that it was the company way of identifying with subscribers as the World Cup climaxed. The 2014 World Cup, which ended on Sunday, July 13, was won by Germany after defeating Argentina 1-0.

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