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LPP denounces surge in violence

The Liberian People’s Party (LPP) has condemned what it terms a surge in political violence in Lofa County that tragically claimed the lives of two individuals on Friday, September 29. 

The incident involved clashes between members of the Unity Party and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), heightening tensions here just days before the 2023 elections.

The LPP in a release on Saturday, denounced escalating violence in Lofa and expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives while urging political actors to prioritize peace, dialogue, and respect for the democratic process in commitment to the Farmington Declaration that they signed. 

Violence erupted on Friday, September 29, during a political rally held in Voinjama, Lofa.

Reports say heated confrontations quickly escalated into physical altercations between supporters of the Unity Party and the CDC, which spiraled out of control, leading to the tragic loss of two lives, with several others sustaining injuries.

Although authorities have not yet identified the deceased, Join Security has dispatched a team to the county to probe the incident, urging all political parties to prioritize peaceful and democratic means of engaging electorate.

LPP Campaign Manager Dr. Johnson J. Geply emphasized the importance of unity and peaceful coexistence among political rivals. 

He said an election is like a sports event that produces only one winner at the end of play, adding “There is no need to engage in violence because, after the event concludes and one person is elected, all actors will shake hands and return to normal business.”

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“Why are the two parties treating the election as if they are the only ones in the race? Why are they approaching this like a do-or-die affair?” Dr. Geply asked.

He expressed condolences to the families of the victims and called on political parties to exercise restraint and engage in constructive dialogue.

 As investigation into the incident commences, the Liberian People’s Party and other political stakeholders are emphasizing the need for political maturity, respect for the rule of law, and commitment to peaceful elections next Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

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