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Make NEC financially autonomous

-Integrity Watch Liberia recommends to GOL

By Lewis S. Teh 

Integrity Watch Liberia says here that the National Elections Commission (NEC) will be more effective if the Government of Liberia strengthens the Commission by making it financially autonomous. 

The integrity institution believes that the strengthening NEC’s role will enhance its capacity to fully enforce compliance such as political party’s campaign financing during elections. 

Speaking at the official start of a one-day lessons learned conference for representatives of political parties Wednesday, December 6, in Monrovia, IWL  Executive Director, Harold Aidoo, said it is no secret that most of the campaign finance violations during elections are committed by the incumbent party, and they often have a way of strangulating the NEC through funding restrictions.

“By Making the NEC financially autonomous, a lot of issues will be addressed, including its capacity to be efficient and effective in delivering on its mandate,” he recommends.

He stresses the need for national conversations beyond elections to critically reflect on general societal problems of the non-compliance or respect for the rule of law.

Also speaking, the Commissioner on Political Affairs at the National Elections Commission, Boakai Dukuly, called on political parties to pressure President George Weah to appoint an ombudsman to foster good governance.

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He urges political parties to organize and force the Liberian government to appoint an ombudsman that will oversee the Code of Conduct for public officials.

“I’m talking about you organizing and getting people petitioning the legislature, petitioning the President to make sure he sets the ombudsman to ensure that the minister in any government does not become a campaign manager for some political parties; it’s against the law but you must be able,” he emphasizes.

At the same time Commissioner Dukuly lauds Integrity Watch Liberia for its continued efforts in the fight to ensure adherence to political campaign financing in the country, but stresses that political parties themselves have a major role to play in enforcing legal compliance. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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