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Marketers, Petit Traders Detest Price Escalation

Marketers and other petit traders within the business community in Monrovia and its environs have detested government’s unsteadiness and inability to control prices.

They are blaming institutions of government responsible for price control for giving ‘blind eyes’ to the exploitative business practices by importers and wholesalers against them and ordinary Liberians.

The marketers and petit traders told a New Dawn interview yesterday that at the time most Liberians were merely surviving amid abject poverty, prices of goods and services continue to be inflicted by these business people to the disadvantage of the poor, while those charged with the responsibilities to ensure price control celebrate.

They also expressed the difficulties encountered in starting small business these days, noting that starting a small business before needed only a small cash, but one must have a very huge cash to do small business in Liberia.

They  noted that since there were no job  opportunities and that only those who knew people in the system could get a job presently,  petit trade was the only solution to their many problems, including the opportunity to send their children to school, pay rents, feed family members daily.

They appealed to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to personally intervene just as she’s doing for herself politically due to the failure of certain officials of government to live up to her expectations in terms of reaching out to the people.

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