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Motorcyclists are not dump trucks

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia-LMTU warns

The Vice President for Operations of the Liberia Motorcycle Transport Union branch in Margibi County, Amadu S. Bility, has told people of the county, especially politicians that motorcyclists in Margibi and across Liberia are not dump trucks or waste products as many take them to be.

He made the statement recently when the LMTU Margibi Branch was invited to grace the induction ceremony of officials elect of the “Friends of Mills Jones.”

Mr. Bility noted that during election period, many people use motorcyclists and afterward dump them.

According to him, politicians had promised them, while using their services but the promises turn out to be lies.

Explaining further, he said many people see motorcyclists as societal wastes, but they are useful, adding that many of them are educated with high school diplomats and some are in colleges so they will no longer allow anyone to use them again as dump trucks in future elections.

Mr. Bility noted that the Liberia Motorcycle Transport Union in Margibi has called on government officials to come to their aid but to no avail, noting, they have forgotten so soon that during the past elections they were voted for also by motorcyclists.

He however appealed to the “Friends of Mills Jones” to closely work with the LMTU, saying, the motorcycle union now is not the type of union it used to be.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi 

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