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MTN MoMo touching lives: A week of compassion and generosity

Monrovia, Liberia – September 23, 2023 – Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia’s pioneering telecommunications company and leading mobile financial services provider, has concluded its inspiring MoMo Charity Week, a five-day event filled with love, laughter, and acts of kindness that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of many.

On Monday, September 18, the Lonestar Cell MTN family embarked on a remarkable journey of compassion, dedicating themselves to making a difference in the lives of orphans and differently abled individuals.

The week-long endeavour reached its climax with the heartfelt donations of rice, detergents, and school essentials (book bags, crayons, calculators) and $500 United States dollars each to the 5 organizations visited, a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to the community.

Day 1 set the tone with a visit to the Group of 77 on Newport Street where the staff of Lonestar Cell MTN spent the day with differently-abled individuals, bonding over activities like braiding and barbing their kids’ hair and sharing heartwarming meals. Mr. Manju Konneh, the project lead, conveyed a heartwarming message on behalf of the CEO of Lonestar Cell MTN, Mr. Rahul De, and the General Manager of Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money Incorporated, Mr. Christopher Ssali: “MoMo Waysay Wasa is not complete until every Liberian has benefited from this campaign. At Lonestar Cell MTN, we believe in equal opportunities for all. Therefore, we are here today to donate 15 bags of rice, detergents, toiletries, and $500 United States dollars. We had fun today and hope these items are sufficient to take care of your needs.”

Day 2 saw the team visiting the Antoinette Tubman Home on 9th Street, transforming it into a day of colors and conversations. Staff members engaged in heartwarming discussions with the residents and indulged in coloring activities, creating lasting bonds and cherished memories.

On Day 3, the journey extended to the Peter W. Saylon Orphanage in Bong Mines, Kakata, emphasizing the charity week’s commitment to reaching out to the less fortunate beyond Monrovia. The team was greeted with songs from 67 children, some playing drums, salsa, and more.

The day was filled with games, including Freetown ball, kickball, and running races, accompanied by captivating recitations and songs from the kids.

Day 4 brought the team to the Frances Gaskin Orphanage in GSA Road, where dancing, playing ball, and sharing a delightful meal created an atmosphere of pure joy.

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The grand finale took place on Day 5 at the Phebe Gray Orphanage on the Marshall highway, where 117 children eagerly awaited the MTN team’s arrival. Joining the team was Lonestar Cell MTN MoMo Hero of Change, Mr. Francis Varney, CEO of 4Life Zoe Company, a vocational training institute that equips young people in Liberia with essential life skills.

The day was filled with excitement and joy as the children and staff welcomed their guests with open hearts. Sis Rose, the caretaker at Phebe Gray Orphanage, touched the hearts of all present by mentioning that since the school year had begun, no one had come to the aid of the children. The 117 book bags, calculators, and crayons donated by MTN represent more than just school supplies; they are tools to empower these children as future leaders.

The day ended with laughter, games of musical chairs, an exhilarating freeze game, and a kickball match where the MTN team emerged victorious. Sensitivity: MTN Group – Internal In total, Lonestar Cell MTN’s unwavering efforts resulted in the generous donation of $2,500 United States dollars, 75 bags of rice, and 295 book bags, complete with crayons, calculators, and notebooks. These contributions have not only met immediate needs but have also sown the seeds of hope and promise in the hearts of those touched by this remarkable initiative.

Lonestar Cell MTN remains dedicated to touching lives, nurturing dreams, and creating a brighter future for all. The MoMo Charity Week stands as a shining example of the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

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