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Muslims’ Agitation against Christianizing Liberia: Choosing the Rule of Law is Best

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The unfolding agitation by the leadership of the Muslin Community in Monrovia against the proposition for the ‘Christianization’ of Liberia may just be very unhealthy for the country’s emerging democracy.

For the past one week, such agitation, through the Liberian radio airwaves, has taken the trend of threats and incitements, especially following a recent hearing at the Capitol Building on the proposition under the auspices of the Committee of the House of Representatives responsible for such matter chaired by Representative Larry Nyanquoi of Nimba County.

The Muslim leadership had suspected ‘support’ for a referendum by the Committee on the preposition to ‘Christianize’ Liberia during the hearing also attended by them.Whatever the case may have been at the Capitol, the current route chosen by the leadership of the Muslim Community in Monrovia, including withdrawal from the Inter-Religious Council was far from the path of democracy and peace.

Statements and verbal attacks on some personalities in the House and Liberia Council of Churches, as well as comments from some callers from the Muslim Community in Monrovia and its environs during a number of radio talk shows for the past week have been against the interest of ‘peace and tolerance’ – something to which the attention of the Government of Liberia must be drawn.

While our democracy in Liberia is about free speech and freedom of religion, our brothers and leadership of the Muslim Community in Monrovia and its environs must also accept the fact that the same democracy is also about rule of law and choice, especially in national decision-making.

Other than thriving on the foregoing path of democracy, our compatriots in the Muslim Community have chosen the radio airwaves to incite and issue threats – something not only democratically uncivilized, but against the security of other well-meaning Liberians.

While we do agree that they may have claims, the channel and manner and form equally being used are improper. If and only if our compatriots in the Muslim Community subscribes to such civilize concept as democracy, we equally advise and even recommend that they adhere to the RULE OF LAW as the best way out.

In view of the foregoing, it would be far better and very civilize to choose the COURT SYSTEM as a way of seeking redress to their current qualm, other than taking to the radio airwaves to incite the entire Muslim Community, as well as threaten the security of other Liberians.


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