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My Encounter with Satan

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I climbed a few stairs of a building that appeared from nowhere. Some birds chirped and flew through some of the spider web-covered windows. There was no sign of a person being inside. I climbed additional stairs and cleared my throat to see whether someone would approach me. It was the third floor. Still, I found no one.

I then climbed additional stairs and reached the fourth floor, which was extended in all directions. The beauty and extensiveness of the floor bewildered me. There were marble tiles on the floor and on the pillars in the builder. The windows were well-designed and the ceilings and walls contained tapestries.

“Come here, Paul,” called the voice, which emanated from a person whom I couldn’t see. Fear descended upon me.

“I know why you’re here,” the voice continued. “You’re here to check behind things.”

“No, Sir, I got here by accident,” I tried to free myself from the problem.

“Don’t lie, you liar. It’s not accident that brought you here. It’s fate,” he tried to intimidate me. He was poised to say more.

“For your information, I’m the one whom all of you call Satan and wrongly call the ‘father of all lies,” he continued. Then he showed himself. I was petrified. I didn’t even know how to respond. Later on, what I considered a conversation metamorphosed into an interview. I don’t remember how that transition occurred, but I bravely questioned Satan.

Paul: Is it true that you’re the father of lies? That’s what John 8:44 says you are.

Satan: What’s the basis of that John 8:44?

Paul: It’s said that you lied to Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Satan: Can you identify the lie that I told Eve?

Paul: God told Adam and Eve that they would surely die if they ate the fruit from the forbidden tree, but you, according to Genesis 3:4, said that they wouldn’t die. Is that not a lie?

Satan: I never told Eve that she wouldn’t die. You see how you human beings can misquote people and misinterpret things? I said, “You will not surely die.” I didn’t say “You will not die.” “You will not die” and “You will not surely die” are two different things.

Paul: I’m getting confused.

Satan: You should be. You human beings are fond of jumping at conclusion without any thoughtfulness. Eve told me that God told them that they would die. See the last part of Genesis 3:2. Now, did God mention the kind of death He had in mind? Did Adam and Eve know the kind of death that God had in mind? Do you know the kind of death that Adam and Eve had in mind? Do you know the kind of death that God had in mind? It’s not stated in Genesis.

Paul: It’s not stated in Genesis, but I’d venture to assume that it was spiritual death (separation between God and man because of their sins) that God had in mind since the Bible says there’re three kinds of death – physical death, spiritual death and eternal death.

Satan: That’s right. God had spiritual death in mind. Adam and Eve had physical death in mind. I was only telling Eve that they wouldn’t be dying physically because they ate the fruit. Therefore, you can’t, and shouldn’t, accuse me of lying when you and I are not speaking of the same thing. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, God threw them out of the Garden – they were separated from God. In that way, they died, but they died spiritually, not physically.

[Satan looked left and looked right before continuing.]

Satan: I also told them that their eyes would be opened after eating the fruit. Was that also a lie?

Paul: No, that was not a lie, for they became aware or conscious of a lot of things that they weren’t previously consciously of. For instance, they knew that they were naked.

Satan: Well said, young human being. I also told them that after eating the fruit, they would be like God, knowing good and evil. Do you call that a lie? Some accuse me of being a liar because no one can be like God.

Paul: No, Sir, you didn’t tell a lie, for the Bible says in Genesis 3:22: “And the LORD God said, ‘The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.’ Besides, the tree itself was called the Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil. So, you didn’t lie.

Satan: Well said, young human being. So, why accuse me of lying to Adam and Eve in the Garden? The hurtful part is that you call me the father of lies, but you have never referred to Eve as the mother of all lies. Why?  Eve was the first human being to lie on earth. Why don’t you call her the mother of lies?

Paul: Certainly, if she was the first to have ever lied, then we could call her the mother of all lies, but we have no such proof, at least not to my knowledge.

Satan: Listen, young human being. God told Adam and Eve in Genesis 2:16 that they shouldn’t eat the fruit. However, in Genesis 3:2, Eve said God told them not to eat it and not to touch it. The touching part was a lie, making Eve the first human liar. Also, in the same Genesis 2:16, God said that they would “surely die.” However, in Genesis 3:2, Eve omitted the word “surely.” Those are two lies coming form that woman. No wonder women lie more than men. Now, young human being, let the word go forth that Eve is the mother of all lies.

Paul: But I want to …

I could not complete my statement. A stupid mosquito annoyingly whispered in my left ear, causing me to jump from sleep. It was when I realized that I had just had a dream.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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