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Rural News

Mysterious Death in Kakata

Saah John, 20 year-old man, was, according to members of his family, mysteriously killed few days ago in Kakata, Margibi County, in a rubber farm where he had gone to tap rubber.

“His body was discovered in the farm with his head completely burst. His body was not black, but investigation wants us to believe that he was killed by lightning. For me, this is strange. It is a mystery.” James Fayiah, Brother-in –Law of the deceased, told New Dawn.

According to him, the incident took place exactly in the former Liberia Construction Company (LCC), Charles D. Sherman Farm, Todee District.

“After the body was discovered, some UNMIL police and CID Officers from the Bensonville came on the scene and they formed a 15-men jury to examine the body.  In their report they said there was no foul play on the body but Saah was rather killed by lightning strike.” He said.

The wonder in this report, according to James Fayiah, is this:  “How can lightning kill someone, burst his head, hand and leg broken, and the body is not black?”

James Fayiah is meanwhile calling on state’s authorities to intervene in order to establish the facts about the death of his in-law.

“I was there, but I was afraid and could not say anything, but we are calling on the rightful government agency to step in this thing for us to know the truth, we want autopsy to be conducted on the body by real doctors, those that did the checking have no knowledge on what they were doing, so that result is not something to depend on”, he lamented.

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