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On This Woman Business – You Think You Will Win Any Trophy? – Part 4

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Yeah-o! I’m here again-o. I am serious about what I am saying. There is no trophy in this woman business. You like it jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern. Lamech, the first man to practice polygamy, had two wives – Ada and Tselah – a according to Genesis Chapter 4. I believe he ate them regularly. Did he win any trophies? No!

Father Abraham had three women – Sarah, Hagar and Keturah. That old man used to eat those women thirty-thirty. But ask Father Abraham if he ever won any trophies. He did not. Jacob had more than one wife. You think he played with them? Mohammed had several wives. You think he jabbed them? Now hear the news. Jacob did not win any trophies. Mohammed did not win any trophies either. Da you will win the trophy?

King David used to like woman business. He ate many women in his days. He even jumped behind other people’s wives and ate them bad way. Remember the story about Uriah’s wife? David didn’t play. But he won no trophies. Da you will win trophies?

King David’s son, King Solomon, the most famous womanizer that I have ever heard about, was even more than his father. Da small thing King Solomon did? Da men like King Solomon spoil us today. Solomon was too rotten when it came to this woman business. He wanted to eat any woman that passed in front of him. King Solomon and his woman business was like rat and the rat glue. He had seven hundred wives and three hundred girlfriends. Can you imagine?

No wonder some men in this very Monrovia have fifteen girlfriends. They are King Solomon’s children. So so woman lappas. But guess what? In spite of the seven hundred wives and three hundred girlfriends, King Solomon did not win any trophies. If men like Solomon didn’t win any trophies for butt-throwing, da you will win? Why are you suffering your poor back, young man?

Why are you approaching all the girls in your class, your school, in your church, in your community, at your place of work, in your house, in the street, and so forth? You think you can finish them? You think you will win any trophy?

Ask most of our old men in the interior – those who believe in and practice polygamy. They will tell you that there is no trophy in this woman business. Most of them walk like a falling tree. Their backs are bent. Da the trophy there?

Ask many of our old men in this city. They are suffering from prostrate cancer. Many of them urinate in tubes. Da the trophy there? Men, when will you learn that there is no trophy in this woman business? When will you realize that you are just suffering and killing yourselves in all this?

Listen, men! No matter what you do, you can never and will never obtain a trophy in this woman business. So, as you stand on Mt. Kilimanjaro and shout at the highest pitch of your voice saying, “I will eat these girls bad way,” remember that you are just suffering and killing yourself.  Da na Fi-yah comin’ from my mou’h.

And, finally, to you stupid men who wrongly believe that loving to all the girls that come before you will earn you a degree or a trophy in the process, remember the words of Proverbs 31:3. It says that men should not use your strength on women.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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