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‘Our nation’s coffer is depleted’

-Liberian Scientist Dr. Nyan cries out

Lincoln G. Peters

Liberia’s infectious disease scientist Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan says the country’s coffer is depleted because officials here have migrated from lying on mats to building mansions at the expense of the Liberian people.

During celebration of the University of Liberia-based Student Unification Party (SUP) 52nd anniversary over the weekend, Dr. Nyan accused officials of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government of depleting the nation’s coffer.

According to Dr. Nyan, the wealth acquired by officials of the CDC should be a concern of all Liberians.

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Also, he stated that it’s now time that SUP and all Liberians begin to make sure that the unexplained wealths acquired by officials are brought under the microscope.

Delivering the keynote address at SUP’s 52nd anniversary, Dr. Nyan, a SUP veteran, urged the party leadership and its members to continue to fight for the liberation of all Liberians from the hands of CDC.

“We have come to see people who were lying down on a mat automatically building mansions,” Dr. Nyan said. 

“How is it possible? President William R. Tolbert designed a program to take Liberia from mat to mattress through hard work. However, today, we are now seeing people in less than five years taking themselves from mat to mansion. Let them explain and pay for this action,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nyan has recommended that SUP make sure it expels all of its veterans that are in the current administration and are refusing to speak out against the alleged corruption that has engulfed the government and the numerous mansions acquired by their leaders.

He said the challenge is placed on the youth of Liberia to change the direction of the country because they have the power to change whoever is representing them at the executive and legislative branches.

He explained that CDC is misruling the Liberian people, and it’s now time that the party stands up for the rights of all Liberians across the country.

“SUP stands for masses. We also stand against bad governance, dictatorship, [and] autocracy…,” said Dr. Nyan.

“Finally, I urge you to fight for the Liberian people. If we didn’t fail and disappoint the Liberian people yesterday, please don’t do it today,’’ he concluded.’

For his part, SUP chairman Mustapha A. Kanneh thanked veteran Nyan and all those who honored the program.

Chairman Kanneh stated that the struggle of the masses remains SUP’s paramount concern.

“We will never disappoint the plight of the Liberian people. Because of the love of the Liberian people, we organized the Fix the Country protest,’’ he added. 

Kanneh noted that SUP demanded the government to fix the country and restore a better life for its citizens. But he claimed that it’s like the government is not listening. 

“However, we will move in history again,’’ Kanneh stated. Over the weekend, SUP celebrated its 52nd anniversary at the University of Liberia Capitol Hill campus. The program began with a grand parade by several youths and students and climaxed at an indoor program.


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