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Police chief warns officers

Police Inspector General Col. Patrick Sudue has announced that strong measures will be executed against any police officer who will be caught soliciting bribe from people here.

He warned during a press conference held in Monrovia Thursday, 8 March that if the public report acts of police officers’ misbehavior, police authorities will take some measures against officers involved.

He said at the news conference held at the Ministry of Information that police should be seen as people to whom citizens run for rescue when they are troubled.
But he challenges citizens to be steadfast in their complaints to enable the police force to be more vibrant. Col. Sudue argues that police depend on citizens to give information on a daily basis with respect to the habit of police officers, backed by evidence so as to reduce corruption within the police force.

The Liberia National Police (LNP) boss pledges that his administration will do all it can to help mitigate the issue of corruption within the police force. “Though we all are aware that fighting corruption is a global problem, but we will [make] sure to put it under control at the LNP,” Mr. Sudue promises.

He believes that the way to that is to make sure that police officers do not get involved in taking [money] from taxi drivers or others.But he says he is aware of people who are out there dressed in police uniform that are assigned to various places extorting money from people.

Mr. Sudue says further that they carry on unnecessary arrests of taxi drivers, even when their documents are correct. He warns such officers involved in these practices that police authorities will not condone their deeds under his watch.

Mr. Sudue promises that officers in traffic and on patrol will be monitored, and tells the public that this a call to them to report police officers that are getting involved in these things.

He says he work hard in making sure that any officer that will be caught will bear the full weight of the law through the Professional Standard Division (PSD) at the LNP.

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According to him, some of the 150 days deliverables of the LNP will enhance police visibility in Montserrado and other areas to curtail criminals harassing people.
Col. Sudue notes that the LNP has put into place basic patrol at night to scare away armed robbers where there will be a vehicle serving as backup.

Meanwhile Col. Sudue says the LNP is embarking on a program to appreciate police officers who have worked endlessly in performing their duties.He says before such a program is done, the police have to put into place a system where officers will be awarded and certificated in the form of officer of the week, month, and the year.

According to Col. Sudue, the officer of the year program is a program that will claim the attention of the public, saying when officers work a year without appreciating them, it does not boost their morale.-

By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by Winston W. Parley

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