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President Weah is vulnerable

Political observers and pundits in Liberia are wondering whether President George Manneh Weah is conscious of his surroundings and his vulnerability politically. Unfolding situations around the President in the past few weeks are not pleasant and should be reasons for concern.

They range from the disgraceful defeat of his governing Coalition for Democratic Change in the recent Montserrado County Senatorial By-election to disappointment and outcries within the CDC plus public threats from his political bedfellow and key supporter, Senator Prince Yormie Johnson whether to part company with the “Saye Gbehkugbeh” he asked his kinsmen in Nimba during the 2017 poll to elect as President or to continuously give support to his leadership.

Besides, the governing CDC appears to be rapidly losing confidence in its ability to maintain grip on power less than two years after it won the Presidency.

These indications and more point to the fact that all is not well around the Liberian leader who won over 60 percent of the total votes at the poll in 2017.

But Mr. Weah seems not to be conscious that he is losing grip on power too early for the six years tenure he has. Or if he did, the President is turning blind eyes on unfolding realities, believing it is still business as usual.

Has Mr, Weah come to the knowledge that time matters in politics, particularly if voters’ expectations were raised to the sky unnecessarily as was experienced in the 2017 presidential election? Oh year! After the victory euphoria from the ballot box, the reality emerges.

The reality is there is a vast difference between campaign speeches and the truth. The truth is President Weah is overwhelmed by Liberia’s challenges, some of which he has contributed by surrounding himself with an empire of cronies.

It is hardly believable that the George Weah who lifted hands of candidates in campaigns and they unanimously get elected in previous elections, would have taken an entire day to rally support for CDC’s Pualita Wie and yet she is massively defeated in Montserrado County that he claims to be his stronghold. But this is exactly what transpired in the July 29 senatorial by-election.

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How time has changed the politics so rapidly! But the President and the CDC are not recalibrating. Instead, they seem bent on ranting jives and threats to counter public dissent thru “flesh and blood.”President Weah and the ruling establishment should beware, or else, they risk an end that could be far disastrous than now.

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