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President Weah was very magnanimous

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President George Manneh Weah intervened last week by a cash donation of US$30,000.00 to help with the medical bill of ailing veteran Liberian journalist and Publisher of the Inquirer Newspaper, Atty. Philip N. Wesseh.

Journalist Wesseh, who has been battling illness for quite a while, was flown to Accra, Ghana late Thursday, 29 April for further medication after intensive medical care at the Fidelity clinic on 20th Street, Sinkor in Monrovia.

The President’s intervention has been very timely in facilitating the ailing journalist’s medical journey to Ghana. We join family members of Journalist ‘PNW’ as he is affectionately called, members of the Publishers Association of Liberia, who are standing with him, and all practitioners of the journalism fraternity in thanking President Weah for the gesture to save the life of a patriotic son of Liberia.

By his singular contribution, President Weah has demonstrated that he is a true father, who cares for all of the flock God has placed under his watch, as Head of State. Such magnanimity will never go unnoticed in the Liberian society, particularly by members of the Wesseh family, as it has been recorded in history.

We are excited because of all of the humanitarian and religious institutions in Liberia, President Weah has stood tall as a dependable leader who understands pains and the darkest hours of life, so he wasted no time in reaching out to Journalist ‘PNW.’

But then we are not so surprised at all. President Weah, like Journalist Wesseh, were both born and reared in slump communities were poverty taught them hard lessons. Notwithstanding their respective humble beginning, they carved separate paths in life and destiny took Philip from D. Twe Memorial High School in New Kru Town to the Journalism profession where he has served with distinction, while Mr. Weah at an very early age in Gibraltar, Clara Town embraced soccer both as a habit and career and eventually reached the zenith of professional football before transitioning to politics and winning the Presidency.

And so despite being President of Liberia, Mr. Weah understands when one is in a near-death situation and needs prompt attention. This was what President Weah demonstrated last Thursday to Journalist ‘PNW.’

We call on other well-to-do members of the Liberian society, including opposition politicians to emulate the kind gesture of the President’s by reaching out to people desperately in need rather than turning blind eyes. Helping one another is the best way to live life because we need one another irrespective of our diversity.

It is therefore our sincere prayer that Philip would receive appropriate medication, recuperate and return to Liberia to continue serving the Motherland in the role God has called him to perform before both friends and foes.

The Holy Bible says give a man his flowers while he’s alive, not when he is dead. President Weah is human like every other mortal being. He makes mistakes just as anybody else, but when he takes a positive step he should be recognized and commended like he has done for ailing Journalist Philip N. Wesseh.

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