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Rifle-toting CDC militias?

–As CPP demands a probe

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has alarmed over the alleged lawlessness and dangerous display and brandishing of assault rifles by suspected Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) militias.

In a release issued Monday, 6 February 2023, the opposition party was also alarmed over state securities who wore CDC political paraphernalia during its so-called petition ceremony of President George Manneh Weah in Monrovia.

The CPP has called for international attention to the lawlessness and dangerous display by the CDC militias.

“These gangster-looking individuals wore CDC insignias and political paraphernalia including T-Shirts which made them indistinguishable between CDC militias and state security,” the CPP statement said.

While the CPP condemns these and other lawless activities, it also noted that ‘as Liberians move to elections to end President Weah’s six years of misrule,’ it wants the international community to condemn such lawless behaviours.

“Accordingly, the Liberian people reject his lies and 419 leadership even as he allegedly spent over US$3.5 million plus free rice and T-Shirts and offered free transportation to Liberians to attend his so-called petition ceremony on Saturday, February 4,” CPP alleged.

The party said it is deeply disturbed by these developments which it said are signs of dangerous things to come.

“If these rifle-carrying individuals were CDC militias, the CPP demands an explanation and independent investigation on how they got such weaponry in a political gathering,” the statement continued.

CPP said it also wants to know why those armed men were allowed to exhibit assault rifles in such a threatening public manner.

“Party militias must never be permitted to act as and with the authority of state securities,” the statement cautioned.

If the rifle-toting persons are state security, the CPP calls for their immediate suspension, investigation, and prosecution.

It argued that state security personnel should not be allowed to wear political attires while carrying out their national security duties.

“It is totally unacceptable to turn state security into personal militias to the President, city mayor, or the ruling party.”

On Saturday, 4 February 2023, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) held a rally to petition President Weah for his second term bid.

But photos emerged of well-armed men in the crowd wearing CDC T-shirts and caps.

The CPP noted that over the past five years of President Weah’s failed administration, Liberia continues to see a breakdown of law and order.

It claimed that the regime continues to display a public display of false impressions that the President and his officials are above the law.

CPP said these acts of blatant disregard for the law endanger and undermine the nation’s peace, security, and democracy.

“For six years, state security forces have morphed into a hostile partisan force against peaceful citizens and critics of the government,” the CPP claimed.

It said it is deeply concerned that the lawless display on Saturday at the CDC petition charade appears to have been sanctioned by the President.


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