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River Gee: Sen. Wants Local Officials Audited

River Gee Junior Senator, Nathaniel Williams, is calling on the General Auditing Commission (GAC) to audit the local county officials. Senator Williams, who made specific reference to River Gee Development Superintendent Jackson Nyenpan, said the audit will help move the development agenda of the county forward.

According to him, under the supervision of Superintendent Nyenpan, several developments projects are to be completed.  He claims that he had received reports from the citizens of River Gee that the Development Superintendent had allegedly diverted the county development funds into his own use.

In a chat with this paper, the River Junior Senator said there is no visible developments in the county, stressing this why an audit of the county officials are important.

When quizzed by this paper to comment about impression concerning performance of the new River Gee Superintendent, William Quaye, he said he was on his way to the county and will meet with citizens of the county to give him feedback on the matter.

Mr. William Quaye became Superintendent of River Gee in October of 2009. He succeeded former Superintendent Kaku Sampson who was dismissed by the President.

Meanwhile, the accused River Gee Development Superintendent said he will not dignify the Junior Senator’s claim. Superintendent Nyenpan, who also spoke to this paper, said it was unfortunate for Senator Williams to destroy his high earned character without facts.

He said Senator Williams is not knowledgeable about how development funds are being expended, and if he needs information on the issue, he should simply seek audience with him instead of embarking on a character assassination campaign.

However, he said that he will not be deterred by what he called the negative campaign by the senator and would continue to serve his people.

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Meanwhile, Superintendent Nyenpan is urging all citizens of the county not to give credence to the Junior Senator’s claim and focused on the reconstruction of the county.

He adds that the county needs to be reconstructed following years of civil war, and it is no time for   what he referred to as petit politics that will retard the progress of the county.

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