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Sam Roberts Representative bid gets boost

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaSupport for one of the aspirants eyeing Gbarpolu County’s Electoral District#3 representative seat, Sam Z.K. Roberts continue to swell since his declaration of intention two months ago. The district is currently led by Representative Getrude T. Lamin.

It can be recalled that Mr. Sam Roberts in a jam-packed meeting of Kongba District citizens at the Jamaica Road Evangelical Church declared his intention to contest for the post in 2017.

 Since that public declaration was made couple with a mass meeting with some citizens from the district for the establishment of the “Friends of Roberts” and a subsequent visit to Gbarma and Weasuah, his ambition is generating overwhelming support from the people.

According to the team that went along with him, this support was visible when Mr. Roberts arrived in Zuie where he had gone to also make his intention known to the people of the District of his birth Kongba specifically Zuie headquarters and Kungbor where he met with chiefs, elders, youths and women of those towns to acquaint them of his desire vie for the district’s seat.

The team said they had a rousing welcome from the people of Zuie and Kungbor, including a whole night of country dance and celebration for the return of one of their sons back home.

“When we got to Zuie, there was a whole night of singing and dancing for the return of the incoming representative aspirant Mr. Sam Z. Roberts back home. The people were excited and encouraged him to continuously pay visitation to the District as the elections time draws near”, one of the team members Stephen F. Johnson, narrated.

Another member of the team, Mr. Edwin McGill, said after the citizens were briefed about the ambition of Mr. Roberts, they embraced the idea and pledged their full support to him if only he could help solve some of their many problems faced with in the district.

Mr. McGill explained that the citizens listed some of the problems as road, plastering of the Joseph V. McGill Public School with cement and many others.

He said in response Mr. Roberts promised to buy few bundles of zinc, cement to help make the school a better and conducive learning environment for children of Kongba.

“While in Kungbor, he also met with the chiefs and elders, who asked Mr. Roberts to help them with one generator to run the local radio station there”, he added.

McGill stated that the 2017 representative hopeful pledged to send one generator to Kungbor once he returned to Monrovia and also committed himself to pay the wages of 10 voluntary teachers at the school for five months.

 When the representative hopeful himself was asked on his recent trip, he described it as successful.

“We had a very good time with the people; the dance, the meeting and the overwhelming support we received were very exciting. They asked us to help them mainly with the road, the school and the radio station in Kungbor and I told them that we were going to try to gather our little resources to help”, he said.

 Meanwhile, Mr. Roberts has disclosed that he is planning another trip to the District soon, but this time around will visit other parts like Normon, Tonglay and Mbama areas to also make his intention known to the citizens.-Edited by Jonathan Brown 

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