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Same-sex Relations – Another Sad Thing about Our Country

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Just recently, an opposition political leader – Mr. Simeon Freeman of the Movement for Progressive Change, publicly raised the issue of the alarming same sex relations in Liberia.

Same sex relations refer to “man and man or woman and woman” in sexual intercourse. According to Politician Freeman, the activities of gays and lesbians were harming young men and women in the country, especially Monrovia.

He some wealthy people in the country were capitalizing on jobs and other inducements to influence young men and women into homosexuality – something demining to social norms and civility. Mr. Freeman’s argument was further buttressed by a local clergyman who considered same-sex relations anti-Christ and not exemplary of decent and civilized people; and on and on, the condemnations continue across Liberia..

Obviously, it would sadden any well-meaning person for the introduction and wide-spread practice of ‘man-to-man’ sexual intercourse or ‘woman-to-woman’ business. Moreover, the alarming rate r at which same-sex relations is spreading in Liberia, is something to worry about.

Frustratingly, the targets of same-sex relations are the young – some of whom believe in materialism – wearing fashion clothes, the latest shoes, as well as ride/driving cars around the city. For others with whom wealthy men have sexual, the benefit is advance studies or master’s degree in the UK or United States.

This socially barbaric sexual habit – if not discourage now, will definitely be the order of the day in our country. We must all begin to resist in the harshest manner and form either by publicly exposing the individuals involved – of course, with the facts at hand.

If well-meaning Liberians remain complacent about this same-sex relations, without being vocal, our nation will begin to experience social disorder. Now we must act – beginning with what some of us are currently doing. Church leaders must also join the campaign by preaching to their members against gays and lesbians, as well as admonishing their members to expose anyone who attempts on them.


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