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Senate suffocates in bribery smoke

Rumors in Monrovia and parts adjacent about senators receiving bribe to impeach former Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh are nothing but mere rumors. At least that’s what they are unless someone is brave enough to come out with evidence.

And this is the point of Senate President Pro-Tempore Albert Chie. He is demanding evidenced-based claim or assertion rather than sweeping allegations that are flying all over the place.

In a recent communication to the senate plenary, the Pro-Tempore called for an investigation to establish the veracity of such rumors that have a propensity to not only impinge on the image of the entire senate, but his personal character as head of that august body.

However, it appears that the bribery smoke wouldn’t just go away any soon, giving that some of the senators from the opposition bloc, who voted for the impeachment of Ja’neh, are being condemned and punished by their political party for proceeding contrarily.
In fact, some citizens of Nimba, including ex-Superintendent Gongloe-Wehyee strongly believe their senators, Prince Yormie Johnson and Thomas Grupee, were induced by cash to go against their kinsman Kabineh Ja’neh, a claim both senators denied.

What makes the smoke even thicker in the senate are comments coming from some of the senators themselves, like Senator Gbleh-bo Brown, who stressed the need for the senate to remain independent, calling on his colleagues not to allow the Executive to control that body.

According to Senator Brown, decision from the impeachment process was not independent at all, lamenting that the Senate he works in today is not the kind of senate he had envisaged.

Be that it may, we whole heartedly agree with Pro-Tempore Chie that a thorough investigation be conducted in the senate to clear all suspicions and redeem the image of that august body, including its entire leadership.

Integrity and credibility are two key assets that any person or institution should guide jealously to continuously maintain public trust. Any attempt to ignore such qualities undermines all human endeavors.

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We believe the investigation, as being called for by the Pro-Tempore is necessary to clear the smoke in the air in order to move ahead with the important business of State.

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