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Senator endorses war crime court because of deceased family

Senator Zoe Emmanuel Pennue says his 80-year-old mother is happy knowing that those who killed her husband and brother will not go with impunity.

By Ethel A. Tweh

Monrovia, April 11, 2024: Grand Gedeh County Senator Zoe E. Pennue says he has signed the joint resolution for establishing a war and economic crimes court in honor of his late father and uncle, slain President Samuel Kanyon Doe.

He added that he signed the resolution on Tuesday, 9 April 2024, in honor of Grand Gedeans, who were murdered during Liberia’s civil war.

After the Senate signed the resolution, Senator Pennue explained that his family was a senior victim of the civil war.

He detailed that his uncle and father were killed by Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson.

“My mother is happy today as she has turned 80 years, knowing that those people who killed her husband and brother will not go without facing justice,” he said.

The Grand Gedeh County Senator said Liberians have been accusing the international community of supporting former President Charles Taylor for bringing war to Liberia.

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But also noted that the international community now wants those accused to face just, and yet people are complaining.

Senator Pennue stated that signing the joint resolution in the Unity Party-led government, known as the ‘Rescue Mission,’ shows that the government came to rescue Liberians.

According to him, the issue of war and economic crimes court has been demanded for long.

He said legislators only talked about politics, but under the UP government, legislators are now talking about signing resolutions for the war crimes court.

Pennue called on Liberians to remove politics from this and thank senators for signing the joint resolution on establishing a war and economic crimes court.

“We will make sure that our signature on the joint resolution for war and economic crimes court does not go to waste before anybody thinks that it is a political thing as usual,” he said.

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