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Special Feature

Serving the Public’s Interest!!!

The New Dawn, a daily newspaper is among the leading media outlets in Liberia and on the web. As seen in the picture above, Mr. Armah and Mr. Glay are both determined to read a single copy of The New Dawn newspaper before beginning their day’s work.

That’s because the two professionals (Armah and Glay) as well as other members of the Liberian society believe that the core function of a newspaper and other press institutions is, and always has been, to “give the citizens the tools to be informed so they can make choices about government and about their own lives” and that the privilege of being the “mediators of information” comes with the responsibility to serve the public interest.

Glay, Armah and others believe that Newspapers and all media institutions must insist on serving the public’s interest and not erode the trust the public places in it to serve its interest. In spite the economic hardships and professional and ethical challenges in our society, that find most media institutions operating “for profit,” they can still exist to serve the public interest.   Isn’t that the truth!!

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